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Free Sanitary Products at King's

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We are proud to announce that King’s has agreed with KCLSU to dispense free menstrual products across all its campuses.

Free sanitary pads provision campaign at King’s College London has been a primary vision of our KCLSU President Mohd Yasir Khan. An agreement of £3 million has been made between the university and the students' union to fund all menstrual products across the campuses. This is a particularly significant achievement for students and KCLSU officers – working to make sure students’ voice is heard. 

Between 2007-2008, menstrual product dispensers were removed from King’s university spaces due to "underutilisation, the frequency of the dispensers getting broken into and the lack of profit made by the companies providing the dispensers". In 2014/15, Interfaith Officer Noor Khan and Women's Officer Hareem Ghani managed to reintroduce free sanitary products in KCLSU spaces.

For many years, King's College London suffered from the challenges it faced over 'the lack of adequate provision of menstrual products.' Our KCLSU President began working with the University Council right from the beginning of his office to make this vision a reality. Working closely with Shitij Kapur, President & Principal of King’s College London was a special aspect of their relationship in pursuit of this plan. It was also beneficial in determining the extent of infrastructure changes required to provide sanitary products across all campuses.

Yasir has been working with the team to ensure that the University truly understands how important and impactful it is in an environment as diverse as King’s to ensure it provides students access to sanitary products, as a fundamental need.

KCLSU President Mohd Yasir Khan says: “I am immensely proud that King’s has finally committed to install free sanitary products across their spaces and campuses. This is an issue that is incredibly important to me and has been a core demand of my manifesto as KCLSU President. This is a historic step towards our community development that would commend King’s values. It will not only benefit King’s students, but also the whole King’s family. I also want to personally thank my incredible KCLSU student officer team for helping me and the Union reach this milestone.”



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