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Election results

Update on election results.

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Following complaints, the results of the elections were delayed tonight to ensure all KCLSU procedures relating to elections were followed. KCLSU also sought advice from the external returning officer for the elections, the National Union of Students. The Returning Officer is external to KCLSU, nominated through KCLSU’s governance procedures and approved by the College.

We will now be publishing the results of the elections.

Congratulations to all the candidates who stood. 


If you have made an election complaint please note we process Elections complaints in line with our Bye-Laws and Election Disciplinary Procedures (Appendix 3 of the Bye-Laws). All complaints received before 18.00 on 7th March 2019 were reviewed and referred to the Returning Officer when appropriate. Any further action recommended by the Returning Officer was carried out before the count took place.

All complaints received after 18.00 on 7th March 2019 will be referred to our Members Complaints Procedure.

Whilst we are not able to consider these under the Elections Complaints Procedure as they were sent outside of the time limit, we are considering each complaint in full, and this will be investigated carefully. Complainants will be contacted with further information about the complaints procedure, and how we’ll take this forward next week. 


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