Change something for the better as an international or LGBT+ student

Want to change something for the better as an international or LGBT+ student?

In 2018, the NUS LGBT+ Students' and NUS International Conference will be taking place! These conferences are the main decision-making body for the NUS LGBT+ & International campaign respectively. Annually, LGBT+ and international students from student unions across the UK come together to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead. You can find out more about these conferences on our websites here: ( King’s students are able to submit motions for these conferences to become policy. Policy is a statement of what the campaign believes about an issue and also what it resolves to do about that issue.

The deadlines for these are fast approaching! (5th January 2018 for International and 8th January for LGBT+) You can submit your motion idea here: Email if you have any questions or want some help!


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