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'Capture This' campaign launched

Gurbaaz Gill

capture this

We’ve all been there, rushing to a 9AM on a central line that is slower than a koala, trying to get in to the lecture even though the rush has cost us 15 mins; you try discreetly to enter the room but somehow make more noise than you thought possible and then to top it all off, *boom* the lecturer hasn’t turned on lecture capture, or worse, there is lecture capture but the sound is off, rendering it about as useful as a snowmobile in Egypt.


This year, the student officers are working on the Capture This campaign in order to leverage lecture capture to its fullest. We are aiming to improve two aspects of lecture capture, Consistency and Presence (or lack thereof) ; We want to audit rooms and check whether the service is compliant with what we are promised on paper and also look at working with academics to bring lecture capture to the departments that haven’t yet reaped the benefits of the wonderful resource that it is. And we can’t do this on our own, we NEED your support, in every step of the way. Sign up to join our campaign and to get involved to make a difference in every single King’s Student’s academic experience.


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