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"Being a student representative is more than just a title"

Meet your academic representative, Sara Okada as she explores the title of being a student representative with KCLSU.

Being a student representative is more than just a title— it's a commitment to cultivating a supportive community here at King’s. As a representative, I find joy and fulfilment in contributing to improving students’ academic experience. 


Support: Giving Voice to Students 

Central to this role as representative is the commitment to supporting the challenges students face in their academic journey. Regular feedback from online forums and in-person discussions are crucial ways of giving voice to students to share their experiences. I enjoy this role as I am innately curious about people’s thoughts, regardless of the topic. Having a shared experience in academia, however, allows us to foster a sense of solidarity and trust which creates a supportive environment where students are empowered to overcome their obstacles. One of the ways students can achieve change is through us, who hold the responsibility of representing students in our own department. 


Advocacy: Ideas into Reality 

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings are the main, tangible ways of creating an impact on our student community and academic experiences. Whether it’s advocating for better administration, addressing diversity and inclusivity, student concerns on the learning materials and opportunities, or collaborating with university administrators and other student reps, they all allow us to negotiate and materialize change. The prospect of change being actioned and fostered in reality provides an immensely thrilling feeling. 


Fostering Community 

Creating an inclusive, harmonious environment is certainly a challenging task in a large institution like King’s. Many students (mainly students whose main campus is on Strand) feedback on the lack of sense of community, which is almost inevitable in a fast-paced, large cosmopolitan city like London, which offers an enriching yet also isolating experience, which ultimately impacts their learning progress. As student representatives, we also collaborate with KCLSU and other societies as we value fostering a connection between students that extends beyond the academic disciplines. 


A Purposeful Journey Worth Taking 

Embarking on this role as a student representative is a journey laden with purpose, responsibility and excitement. Working alongside my fellow representatives who share similar opinions and strive towards change makes this experience very fulfilling. It is a unique experience that allows us to support the student community and empower positive change through discussions and fostering connections. It is more than crossing a checklist of tasks to do. This role offers opportunities for personal and communal growth, which is what makes this role so rewarding. 

There are many challenges that we face along the way, but the experiences and learnings make it worthwhile! 


If you would like to share feedback on how your union has represented your academic interests, fill the NSS now! Only 2 weeks to go! 


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