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Ahad: End of year Report

Achievements / Projects 

Audit and signposting of services: Over the last year, I have been working to develop better signposting mechanisms to academic staff. I will submit the findings into the "personal tutor review" that is being currently carried out. 


A substantial part of the project is aimed at a multitude of services including better communication of the KCLSU advice services, flexible payment options and career services. We're also working on improving the availability of mental health first aiders. The project has further evolved into an audit exercise to identify the deficiencies in all university services. 


Improving IT infrastructure – CTEL and Keats: I've had meetings with the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning  (CTEL) around the increase of IT resource and more digital tools for teaching. We also discussed the expansion of lecture capture facilities and how to better communicate their various features. Changes to KEATS are also to be made to improve the service.


Developing more feedback procedures: This year, the officer team and I have run several "snap" surveys, which enabled us to gain feedback and evidence for several projects. 
Alongside Hannan, the Vice President Education for Health Faculties, I have developed the framework for the research bureau based on a similar model from a Netherlands based students' union. The team will be implementing this new research method in the coming year.


Reducing external speaker wait time from 15 working days: Currently, there are two separate risk assessment processes, which contribute to waiting times of up to 15 working days. Using the Freedom of expression standing advisory group, I am working with the Officer Team to create a single risk assessment procedure which will significantly reduce the wait time.


More student representation on all decision making bodies at the University: There is currently no student representation on some of the critical decision making bodies at King’s. Additionally, I am the only student member on College Council (the highest decision-making body at the university), and while the addition of another student seat has been internally approved and is awaiting the privy council, I am working with KCL regarding the mechanisms of the appointment


Working with faith group societies to make sure all faith groups on campus are adequately represented: This term, I started working with some of the student faith groups to assess whether there are appropriate provisions and facilities in place for all faith groups. One of the key action points was the development of a handbook which all faith groups can help with to give information and map out all faith and cultural centres near our campuses. Additionally, with some of the student faith groups, we are now working with the chaplaincy to include both a Sikh and a Hindu chaplain.


Exam Timetabling: This year, the Academic Officers and I started work with Kings timetabling to make exam timetables more flexible and better for all students.


Brexit steering group: I've been working with the University to make sure there is a dynamic strategy in place which gives continued support to all of our students who may be affected by Brexit. While the situation regarding Brexit has continuously changed in the last year, I have worked alongside colleagues at King's to ensure that King’s is dynamic in any changes.


Working with the Vice President for Education (Health Faculties) for more flexibility for fee payments: Hannan and I have been working to improve the range of payment options available to King's students. We're currently lobbying the University for a third instalment for all students as well as enhanced financial flexibility. We've launched a survey to gather data to present to the King’s finance committee. The link below:


Commissioning and overseeing investigations: Regarding the recent visit from the Queen, I have been working to ensure that the investigation being carried out is rigorous and accurate. Additionally, I have commissioned several reports on behalf of the KCLSU trustee board to review several issues that have arisen.


Developing and enhancing the KCLSU strategy: I have been working alongside colleagues at KCLSU to ensure that our new strategy is reflective of our student needs. Currently, I am assisting in making an actionable plan for the coming year based on the strategy. This is likely to include several reviews of the services we provide so we can assess the need for them and their effectiveness. 



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