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Accountability Process Volunteer - Apply Today

KCLSU is an organisation for students by students, and we work to ensure our democratic processes are taken seriously. 

We are recruiting now for a volunteer position, ensuring the power is with the students. 

The Accountability Procedure is created so that KCLSU members can hold their elected Officers and Representatives to account in a formal and productive way while also celebrating their successes. The procedure facilitates dialogue between the Officers/Representatives and the membership and allows for transparency.

As an Accountability Procedure Member, you have the opportunity to ensure that the feedback loop is closed so that members of KCLSU are aware of what their elected Officers and Representatives are working on.

You can also gain and develop a range of skills while dealing with difficult discussions and sensitive topics and it will improve your ability to demonstrate the commitment to exercising principles of fairness, transparency, and integrity, that can be very useful in your professional career path. 

You can click here for more information on key dates and the job description. 

Apply today to be part of the democratic community at KCLSU, and to give back to your student peers. The application window closes on 22 October at 9am. 


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