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A first glimpse at KCLSU Liberation Networks

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Here at King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU), we strive to be as inclusive as possible. Many students at university can face inequalities and discrimination, and we have thus built Liberation Networks, which link communities together and help those who define themselves as part of a minority or who feel marginalized. 


What they do

The main objective of the networks is to combat the inequalities different minorities are confronted with by holding King’s and KCLSU accountable for their actions. These actions can affect students who feel underrepresented, and it is therefore important to ensure that King's and KCLSU are doing their utmost for people being discriminated against.



KCLSU Liberation Networks directly help the students by organising socials and other occasions for people to be able to connect around these issues. The networks also try, through campaigning and events, to take action against inequality on a local and even national level, beyond just the scope of King’s. 


How they work

Liberation Networks cannot exist without their members. These can include any King’s student who self-identifies within a network. These networks are intersectional, meaning students can self-define into as many different networks as they want. The nature of intersectionality also means that different networks often work together and collaborate.



To run the network there is a network committee as well as a network chair elected by the participating members. Networks also interact with other affiliated student groups and volunteers. 


A range of networks

A plethora of different networks are engaged, ranging from networks for POCs, for first-generation immigrants, or for the LGBT+ community, among others. If you feel in any way marginalized or identify yourself with a particular group, do not hesitate to reach out to Liberation Networks. You can find a list of all the networks and instructions on how to join them here:



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