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Learning new things makes us feel great and expands our minds. If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new skill, work on your CV or become that ‘culture vulture,’ now might be the time to do it! Whether it’s learning some phrases in a new language for your next dream holiday or diving into a subject outside of your degree, we have access to thousands of resources which can help us learn about new things all the time.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.  

There are many things you can start learning right now!

At King’s 

King’s Careers & Employability

Keep up your career learning with positively inspiring articles and weekly advice to support your career journey. Follow #MyNextSteps on King's Careers Blog.

Learn about future career paths with King’s Careers Industry guides that not only introduce careers within fields like law, arts, medicine, tech, but also list a huge number of relevant websites and information to be inspired by, helping you to keep learning more! 

King's Culture

At Home in Cultural London is back! This is a year-long programme of activity designed to connect King’s students to London, and King’s, through arts and culture. Whether you just want to have a taste, or fully immerse yourself, this programme is a jumping off point to explore, reflect and create in cultural London. Check out the upcoming Cultural London Workshops!

Check out the curated online space by King’s Culture to explore culture from around the world with a selection of free online activities and resources from national and international arts and cultural venues.

LinkedIn Learning

Enjoy thousands of free courses on a wide range of topics. Provided for free by King’s with access granted using King’s email address. Top Tip! Some of the courses are Learning Paths, which you’ll get a certificate on your LinkedIn profile after completing! There’s even a LinkedIn Learning Wellbeing Collection

Centre for Doctoral Studies

The King’s Centre for Doctoral Studies has an excellent Wellbeing Toolkit for Postgraduate Researchers on Keats that’s completely free! 

Positive Peers Blog Series

King's Money Advice

From the Student Money Mentors to the entire King's Money Advice service, there are loads of ways to get support with your finances at King's.

Why not check out the Money Mentors blog, including posts such as:

Also, don't forget Blackbullion online financial education lessons, blogs, information guides and tools are available to King’s students for free to help you improve financial capability to the entire King's Money Advice service.

King's Modern Language Centre

Practice the language you're learning with free speaking practice through the Modern Language Centre! Check out all the languages you can practice with a native speaker under the 'Free Speaking practice' section of the  Language Resources Centre website.

KCSLU BME Network Anti-Racism Toolkit

Use this toolkit created by the KCLSU Staff BLM Network to deepen our understanding and work on anti-racism.


King's has put together some great e-modules around wellbeing topics. Work through them at your own pace to find out more about supporting yourself and your peers. 

Wellebeing and Welfare Support e-module

Dealing with Crisis e-module

Student Wellbeing e-module

Your peers recommend  

King’s students have recommended some favourite ways to never stop learning here. 

If you want to recommend something to your peers, email [email protected]

If you want to get into coding, here are some free online classes

  1. Code Academy
  2. Free Code Camp
  3. CodeBar has started to offer virtual classes.

Other online courses and classes


Get on that podcasts train that your friends have been on. Here are the top faves from King’s students: 

  1. Careers In Your Ears (King’s Careers & Employability podcast)
  2. Positive Peers Podcast (from our own KCLSU Wellbeing Positive Peers)
  3. How I Built this With Guy Raz (entrepreneurship)
  4. Why Won’t You Date Me? (comedy)
  5. The Alarmist (funny and informative, about the greatest failures of our time)
  6. Decoder Ring (informative, random but very interesting facts)
  7. EconTalk (current affairs and economics)
  8. Stuff You Should Know (An informative mix of everything!)

Brush up your culinary skills

Cooking is a great skill to have and, for some people, it can be quite therapeutic. Being on a student budget doesn't mean you can't eat great food!

  1. MOB Kitchen
  2. The Student Food Project
  3. Cooking on a Bootstrap