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Starting a Self-Care Routine and Sticking to It

Our KCLSU Positive Peers are back at it! This time, they bring us a great piece on self-care from the perspective of a student like you. Read through and find out more how to access their services below!

A self-care routine can make a big difference to your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, but how do you make one that you’ll actually follow?

Self-care can be practised by listening to your body, taking the time to check-in, and intentionally tuning in to your thoughts. As revealed by the word itself, self-care is personal so each person will have a different approach. While activities like running or reading may be good for your health and wellbeing, they won’t be useful to those who don’t enjoy them. Ultimately, your self-care routine should help you become a better version of yourself, and what that looks like is up to you. Try following the steps below to develop the best self-care routine for your needs!


  1. Discover what makes you happy and feel centered

What helps you unwind after a long day? What never fails to make you smile? What are your goals? Write them all down in a list until you have a few ideas. It can be anything from watching your favorite show, going on a walk, getting a good night’s sleep, or maybe even trying out a certain scent that calms you down.


  1. Think of how you can include some self-care routines in your life

Find ways that you can incorporate some self-care activities in your life. It can be something simple like sleeping earlier to be well-rested, getting a scented candle that you can burn while doing work, or setting aside time for an activity you enjoy. Starting small and simple will make it easier for you to get into the routine or activity. Always remember to include the basics in your everyday life, such as getting enough sleep, exercising and having a balanced diet, as they are very important aspects that can be easily featured in your routine.


  1. Plan and set goals

Now that you’ve decided on your routine, consider what it is that you want to achieve and set goals for how often and when you plan to do these things. You can start with small steps like going on a short run once a week before increasing it, or doing another activity that works for you. Try to keep track of your activities and goals by setting visual reminders around your room or digitally if you prefer. If you want to run more often, you can leave your trainers by the door to remind you of your goal every time you come in!


  1. Evaluate and reassess your routine

After trying out these new things for a week or so, take a step back and evaluate if your routine is working for you. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments as developing a self-care routine will be a constant process that changes according to your needs, and you can always go back to the previous steps to think of something new. If you find that your self-care routine takes too much effort or causes you more stress, then it defeats the whole purpose of self-care. Be kind to yourself and find a balance that works for you and your wellbeing because that is key to starting a self-care routine, and will help you become the best version of yourself!

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