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KCL Afghanistan Think Tank


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The KCL ATT was established to provide a platform for youth, diaspora-led discourse on the topic of Afghanistan and its future governance. The society aims to encourage student participation, learn from history and events that have occurred, and utilise the teachings found to develop viable solutions as to how Afghanistan should be governed, through what means, and by what mode.

Before achieving any of the above however, our focus for this academic year is "building diaspora capability." We hope to foster the continuation of a strong, diaspora community that understands Afghanistan's plight and forges forward new and innovative ways that can bring the community from Afghanistan together here in the UK.

To achieve this aim, we hope to host seminars, lectures, panel discussions, and informative events that encourage active participation from our audiences to foster strong dialogue between stakeholders throughout the year.

Our Aims - 2023/24:

  1. To build diaspora capability through informing and teaching students on Afghanistan's history. We hope to translate these teachings into tangible solutions the diaspora can employ in our everyday life.
  2. To deliver an accurate, inclusive account of Afghanistan's history and allow students to access these accounts through the form of accessible, student-friendly events, and discussions.
  3. To host our February 2024 Conference culminating our events and ideas throughout the year and to allow for discussions to be had on "building diaspora capability", an idea which follows the overarching theme of our society.
  4. To formalise and create an institution that monitors and holds accountable the work of the diaspora from Afghanistan in the UK and to serve as a body that builds the diaspora's future.
  5. To work with our partner organisations and the Afghan Student Union to forge lifelong communities between different diaspora groups and organisations.

We hope to have serious academic discussions yet balance this with fun, interactive socials giving you the chance to network with like-minded peers! If you're interested in Afghanistan and its regional/global affairs as well as its future direction, this society is for you!

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