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Marxist Society

The KCL Marxist Society provides a forum for all King’s students to discuss the ideas of Karl Marx, along with those of revolutionaries and theoreticians in the Marxist tradition, and their continuing relevance to the modern world.

Throught the academic year, we will organize a series of events. These involve regular talks, which will offer all members a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Marxist thought, covering topics such as Marxist economics, dialectical materialism and many more! If that seems daunting to you, not to worry! We love explaining the ideas we care about in an accessible manner, and once you have mastered them, they will help you to analyze and explain the contemporary crisis of capitalism.

To demonstrate this, we will also host discussions and debates about current events, framed by a Marxist perspective. Finally, we will hold regular reading groups of Marxist classics, so if there is any book you might be interested in, send us an email, pop over to our Facebook page, or just come along to one of our meetings and let us know in person!

The KCL Marxist society is free to join and invites students of all political persuasions to listen, learn and share ideas!


  • Marxist Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£0.00
  • Marxist Society Standard Membership£0.00