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KCL Sexpression


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What is KCL Sexpression?

KCL Sexpression is the KCL branch of Sexpression:UK - a student-led charity with branches across the country at different universities. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and inclusive, sex positive, relationships and sexual education, in line with the law and current guidelines from health professionals and charities. We also promote sexual health on campus through informative and fun events.


How much is membership?

Membership is free - you just need to sign up on the KCLSU website.


What would I be doing as a volunteer?

Our volunteers teach in secondary schools in their local area and help with sexual health awareness and spreading general sex positivity. We teach in many schools around London and organise events at different KCL accommodations and campuses.


How far would I need to travel?

Our schools are all a maximum of 30 minutes travel from a King’s College London Campus.


How much do I need to teach?

As much as you like! There is no set requirement of teaching hours per volunteer to be a member, but we would encourage you to get involved as much as possible.


Do we receive any training?

Yes. There will be at least one Training Day in the first semester where the Schools Coordinators for the branch, along with other committee members, will go through lesson plans and tips and tricks for making your lessons as informative and interesting as possible. We will also provide Child Protection Training, and provide information on getting a DBS check.


Do I have to teach alone?

No, all of our volunteers teach in pairs. This is for safeguarding reasons for both the school and our volunteers. For your first few lessons we will always pair you with an experienced partner.


Does this count towards volunteer hours?

Yes - volunteering with Sexpression count towards your loggable hours on the KCLSU site. At the end of the academic year you will be eligible for an award based on your level of commitment.


I want to get started right away. How can I prepare now?

As soon as you have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate and have been trained by us at one of our Training Days, you are ready to go! We recommend getting a DBS check as soon as KCLSU starts running them in September. It takes 10 minutes and cannot be booked in advance. Slots are very limited (particularly after the first couple of weeks of term) so we highly recommend going as soon as possible. For more information, please see:


How long does my DBS certificate last for?

Three years. 


I have a DBS check already. Is it valid for volunteering with Sexpression?

To volunteer with Sexpression you will need the full DBS check. If it has been done from a Student Union or Medical School it is fine, however one from a workplace may not be adequate.


How can I find out more about Sexpression:UK?

More information about Sexpression:UK can be found at:


Where do I sign up for lessons?

After attending our Training Day you will be added to a group where lesson schedules are published. 


I am a Medicine student. Will volunteering with Sexpression help me in my career?

Yes! Many (but not all) of our volunteers are medics. Teaching sex and relationships education with Sexpression is an excellent way of improving your communication when discussing sensitive topics. Many medics have volunteered with Sexpression and consider it one of their best experiences at university, including Dr Alex from Love Island!


I am not a Medicine student. Why should I sign up?

As well as making your university experience so much more enjoyable and helping you make friends, volunteering with Sexpression equips you with a useful set of skills for both your time at KCL and your future. Teaching improves your communication and presentation skills and also prepares you in participating in conversations regarding sensitive subjects. If you choose to run for a committee position you will also learn so much, including administrative tasks, accessibility, event planning, leadership and working within a team.


I have accessibility requirements - will I be able to volunteer with KCL Sexpression and attend your events?

Yes. Our Schools Coordinators assess the accessibility of each of our schools. For our events on campus, every room booked is fully wheelchair accessible and has close access to a gender neutral toilet; our rooms are also always naturally lit. If you have a particular access requirement that has not been mentioned, please contact us and we can advise you further. We are always trying to make our teaching and events as accessible as possible so if you see an area where we can improve, please let us know. 


I volunteered at a different Sexpression branch at my previous university. Can I immediately start teaching with KCL Sexpression?

No. Each branch has various location-specific training and offers different lessons so you must attend a KCL Sexpression training day to volunteer with us.


I volunteered with KCL Sexpression a few years ago. Do I need to go to a Training Day?

Yes. Our lessons and Child Protection Training is updated every year. Returning volunteers from the previous year need only attend Child Protection Training, however if there is more than a year break between volunteering you must attend the full day.


Is there alcohol at every KCL Sexpression social?

No. We always ensure that there are at least as many sober socials as alcohol socials.


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