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Make a Smile


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

Who Are We?

Every child deserves a childhood – this is what we believe in and work towards here at Make A Smile!

The London chapter of an international charity, Make A Smile, we are a group of volunteers who primarily dress up as famous characters (superheroes, princesses, fairies and everything in between!) or just as ourselves to spend time with and bring the magic to kids with illnesses, disabilities, or just circumstance! That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg – with elderly visits, trainings, socials and a lot more, you’ll always have something to get involved with and enjoy!

Whether you like volunteering, dressing up, movies, kids, having a good time or just want to enhance your CV, there are plenty of opportunities available!

What Does Volunteering With Us Involve?

You could volunteer as a:

  1. Character – Dress up and attend events, play games and interact with the children
  2. Magic Maker – Attend events, play games and interact with the children out of character (just go in as yourself!) – this can be good if you don’t want to dress up or even if you just want to get a feel of things before you go in as a character!
  3. Imagineer – Not attending events but helping with the general running of the project, organising events and helping with costumes etc – great for anyone short on time or not wanting to attend events

The best part is that you don’t need to commit to one type of volunteering! It’s not binding at all – you can just choose and alternate being a character, magic maker and imagineer before any event according to your availability and interest!

What Do Volunteers Get Out Of It?

  • Volunteering hours 
  • Skills 
  • Reference letters 
  • Friends 
  • Fun and de-stress 
  • Happy and wholesome moments

All in all, joining Make A Smile London is one thing you will definitely be glad you did! We can not wait for you to get involved, join our family and help make a difference!

How To Join?

Start by purchasing the membership on this page (It's completely free!) 

If you are interested in joining, be sure to follow our socials to keep up to date and find detailed information about how to join and also find out about our events, trainings and socials:-

To start, sign up with us by heading over to and clicking “Register” (it is simple and quick!)

Everybody is more than welcome here! You don’t have to look like a particular character to have to express interest – there is a place for anybody and everybody here!

Welcome to the family!

Collage Of 9 Pictures Of Make A Smile Volunteers Interacting In Events And Socials


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