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Self Defence Society


  • Self Defence Society Standard Membership£27.00


KCL Self Defence Society teaches mental and physical self-defence abilities open to people of ALL levels and capabilities.

Assault prevention is a skill we think everyone should learn, especially in a big city like London. The society is structured in the following way:   

- Weekly training classes with practical tips to defend yourself in any situation regardless of strength level (when walking around the city, going out, when faced with a compromising situation). Our trainer is a professional instructor from Krav Maga Global/London. 

- Talks with inspiring guest speakers aim to spark conversations and educate around the topic.

- You will learn how to avoid compromising situations, defend yourself if necessary, and support a friend who has experienced some type of assault.  

To access training sessions and monthly talks you will need a membership (standard for all king's students and staff or associate for outside-kings people), covering the entire academic year + either a Class Pass per semester or a pay-as-you-go ticket for each specific week you want to attend. 


WHEN and WHERE are our lessons? 

Our classes take place EVERY THURSDAY 6-730pm in Activity Room F, on the 8th floor of Bush House (South East Wing), Strand, London WC2R 1AE 



Week 1: 28/9/23 (NEXT THURSDAY, OUR FREE TASTER SESSION for anyone who hasn't attended a lesson with us before)

>>>SIGN UP NOW at  to secure your spot!

Week 1's Lesson Content:

The No. 1 criteria attackers use to select their victims and what to do about it; defences against basic strikes; introduction to defence against mobile phone theft; the law of self-defence; the most important thing about managing an aggressive, potentially violent person; how to stand in a fight; how to hit hard and first.


Week 2: 5/10/23

Footwork. Striking pre-emptively, continued. Power generation. Pushing and the Educational Block. Finishing modes, including arresting the fall, ‘first aid‘ and active scanning.


Week 3: 12/10/23

Palm strikes, hammer fists and elbow strikes. Kicking and kneeing the groin. Striking in combination. Framing and posting. (Pads will be provided, but groin guards are highly recommended.)


Week 4: 19/10/23

Closed-fist punching, including the hook. Striking in combination, continued. Inside and outside defences. (The instructor recommends students bring boxing gloves for this lesson to provide protection for the knuckles and phalanges as they become accustomed to punching.)


Week 5: 26/10/23

Active shielding. Defending against clothing grabs, including defending being grabbed and struck at the same time.


--(We won’t have training on 30/10 as that is Reading week for students and most students usually travel)--


Week 6: 9/11/23

Knife threat from the front (1/2). Managed compliance. Effective escape. Equalising via the use of small objects to distract and shield-type objects to defend. (Groin guards are strongly recommended.)


Week 7: 16/11/23

Knife threat from the front, (2/2). Fouling the draw. Defending the straight stab to the body or the head.


Week 8: 23/11/23

Falling, recovering and getting up. Hard and soft breakfalls. Ground defensive positions and movement. Stomp kicks from the ground. The three-get-ups. Escaping the mount.


Week 9: 30/11/23

Defences against wrist grabs, mobile phone snatching and deception thefts.


  • When coming to the classes, don't forget to bring clothes that are appropriate for exercising, bring your boxing gloves (if you have a pair), a bottle of water and remove any jewellery that you may be wearing. 


Instagram: @selfdefencesocietykcl


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