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Self Defence Society


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Kings Self-Defence Society teaches mental and physical self-defence abilities open to people of all levels and capabilities.

Assault prevention is a skill we think everyone should learn, especially in a big city like London. The society is structured in the following way:   

- Weekly training classes with practical tips to defend yourself in any situation regardless of strength level (when walking around the city, going out, when faced with a compromising situation). Our trainer is a professional instructor from Krav Maga Global/London. 

- Talks with inspiring guest speakers aim to spark conversations and educate around the topic.

- You will learn how to avoid compromising situations, defend yourself if necessary, and support a friend who has experienced some type of assault.  


To access training sessions and monthly talks you will need a membership (standard for all king's students and staff or associate for outside-kings people), covering the entire academic year + either a Class Pass per semester or a pay-as-you-go ticket for each specific week you want to attend. 


The class themes for this term take place on Mondays 6-7pm in Activity Room F of Bush House (South East Wing), below you will find the weekly themes:


Week 1 (26/09): Preface; distance control; pre-emptive striking; stance; footwork

Week 2: Stance; footwork; striking; striking and moving; scanning

Week 3: Punching; defending hand strikes; head movement; ‘default response’

Week 4: Regular and stomp kicks; combinations; intro to framing; headbutting

Week 5: Head movement; defending straight punches; defending groin kicks

Week 6: Falling, recovering and getting up

Week 7: Defending clothing grabs

Week 8: Knife threat from the front (Part 1)

Week 9: Knife threat from the front (Part 2)


Week 1 (16/01): Striking in combinations; defending against attacks to the groin; synthesis of elements from Autumn 2022/23 Part 1 of 2 (boxing gloves and groin guards will be mandatory)
Week 2: Striking in combinations and synthesis of elements from Semester 1, Part 2 of 2 (boxing gloves and groin guards will be mandatory); defences against close range knife threat and outside defence against a knife stab
Week 3: Defences against wrist grabs and phone snatches (students with longer nails are advised to trim them in advance of this session)
Week 4: Defences against headlocks and body locks/bearhugs, Part 1 of 2 (groin guards will be mandatory)
Week 5: Defences against and body locks/bearhugs, Part 2 of 2 (groin guards will be mandatory)
Week 6 (27/02): Defences against hair grabs (groin guards will be mandatory; students should bring old hoodies if they do not have hair or do not wish to have their hair grabbed; students in hijab are advised to wear a close-fitting sports under-layer)
Week 7: Defences against bag grabs/snatch attacks
Week 8: Self-defence against multiple opponents
Week 9 (20/03): Defending against strikes and escaping chokes on the ground

When coming to the classes, don't forget to bring clothes that are appropriate for exercising, a bottle of water and remove any jewellery that you may be wearing. 


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