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King's Global Markets

King’s Global Markets is a community of students dedicated to the advanced study and application of global financial markets. We produce monthly research across a broad spectrum of assets including Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and FX. Our global macro approach highlights the importance of political and economic events on world markets. Inclusiveness is at our core, by allowing any student to write for us. Together with our research, we host events with leading institutions and figures which operate in the market helping to shed light on how they operate. Joining as a member grants you priority entrance to all academic events. This allows for an unprecedented opportunity for exposure to the investment banking, trading and market consultancy industries.

Read some of our research here:


President: Matthew Howard Stevens 

Treasuer/Secretary: Maria Pokkinen

Senior Vice Presidents: Aleks Asenov & Alpit Kale 

Corporate Relations VP: Aayush Khurana 

Marketing VP's: Kara Wong & Stanislaw Borawski 

Rising Markets Forum VP: Matas Danilaitis 

Inclusivity Officer: Shilarna Nerurkar

Research VP's: Oscar Murray (Analysts), Nikita Dabizha (Guest Writers), Jack Cheng & Aditya Kamath (Economics), Yidan Chang (Trading)


Rising Markets Forum: KGM is the host of the 'Rising Markets Forum', the largest event of its kind ever hosted by students at King's, taking place on February 29th. For more information and tickets, click here:

The London Finance Journal: KGM is the lead producer behind the LFJ, the UK's largest student-led financial publication. All publications are set to be posted on the LinkedIn page, accessible here




  • King's Global Markets Associate Membership£5.00
  • King's Global Markets Standard Membership£5.00