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King's Global Markets


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King’s Global Markets is a community of students dedicated to the advanced study and application of global financial markets, economics and global business.

For the year 2019-2020, KGM was the largest professional & academic society at King's, featuring a student group of 50+ students. The research we produce spans across a broad spectrum of topics which include Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and FX, economic analysis and application of economic models, development of AI as well as the application of business and mangerial practices. Our global macro approach highlights the importance of political events that shape the global business environment. We maintain a team of trading analysts who manage live asset portfolios. Inclusiveness is at our core, by allowing any student to write for us. Together with our research, we host events with leading institutions and figures to help shed light on their industries and how they operate. Joining as a member grants you priority entrance to all academic events without the necessity to book a ticket. This allows for an unprecedented opportunity for exposure to the investment banking, asset management and market consultancy industries.

Despite our focus on business, finance & economics, nearly half of our student members come from a degree not affiliated with the aforementioned fields of study. Such include Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Literature, Medicine, History, Politics etc.

You can read some of our research here:


President: Haryan Notay

Vice-President: Priscilla Chau

Head of Finance: Sasindra Ganugapati

Treasuer: Shaurya Leekha

Head of Marketing: N/A (Recruiting)

Head of Reasearch: N/A (Recruiting)



Rising Markets Forum: KGM was the host of the 'Rising Markets Forum', the largest event of its kind ever hosted by students at King's, which took place on February 29th. It featured International delegations, Politicians, Directors of Banks, Economists and CEOs of finance/consulting companies. For more information, please check  here:

The London Finance Journal: KGM is a lead producer in the LFJ, the UK's largest student-led publication on finance, economics, business/enrepreneurship, AI, Politics & opinion. It features member societies from universities like LSE, Imperial, York, Warwick, Bocconi etc. All publications are set to be posted on the LinkedIn page, accessible here:

King’s Private Equity Club: KGM and KPEC are sister societies that are cooperating closely due to their shared goal of connecting the King’s community with the financial industry, while promoting values such as sustainability and inclusivity. KPEC does this by hosting speakers from reputable firms and institutions, networking, publishing quality research and collaborating with venerable institutions - be it Bocconi, LSE or KCL’s own student societies. Being independent from the KCLSU allows KPEC the freedom of exclusivity & flexibility. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Private Equity or would like to learn more about the craft, feel free to contact KPEC through their Facebook page:


Why you should choose us...

The reason behind our success, diversity and size is simple. We are dedicated in helping students unravel their potential and turn their ideas and projects into reality. Joining KGM will allow you to access a well-established infrastructure that will provide you the resources to achieve your goals.


Feel free to reach out to us on our social media!


E-mail: [email protected]






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