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Clinical Specialities Society


We’re the first and only KCL society to host regular events on different medical and dental specialties!

Established in 2018, we have a successful year behind us with 21 medical and dental events and over 50 realised Young Academics research projects.


Clinical Specialties Thursdays 19/20 timeline of free of charge, monthly, medical and dental events, delivered by engaging speakers, will cover a wide variety of career pathways. The clinicians will talk about (but not limited to): their personal experiences and struggles, pro/cons of the specialty and advice on progressing in the field.

Aiming for a non-biased approach, clinicians will NOT be selling their specialty to you. We aim to give KCL students a realistic image of what it is like in different specialties (and subspecialties) at different stages of the career, how it affects work-life balance etc.

Unlike a day of career stalls offering you freebies to join their colleges, we’ll be hosting events on all specialties (especially those underrepresented at KCL) in a systematic and structured fashion throughout the year. At the end of the event, we guide you in the direction of more information and events, such as other established KCL societies!


Young Academics is an innovative research pairing scheme, which sources and advertises research projects open to involving students across different disciplines and pairs motivated students with dedicated supervisors. You can find out more about the scheme here:


To enhance the portfolios of students interested in these specialties, our research coordinators find available research projects (on the same specialty topic) for each event. Project titles and further details are announced via Facebook/Twitter so make sure to follow us on social media!

To be eligible to apply for these competitive project allocations, you must become a member of this society (by paying £3 standard membership fee below). The projects offered will specifically be chosen to provide the opportunity for you to present a poster/oral presentation and/or publish your work! This will inevitably make you a more competitive applicant for any career you choose to pursue, and even help you get the clinical training posts you desire. Last year we have successfully allocated projects to over 70 students some of whom have already been able to present them at national conferences and are in the process of pursuing publication!


  • Clinical Specialities Society Associate Membership£3.00
  • Clinical Specialities Society Standard Membership£3.00