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Marketing, Advertising and PR Society

The KCL Marketing, Advertising, and PR Society aim to bring together individuals with a zeal for the marketing and advertising sector.

Through a number of events, talks, workshops, and socials, we allow KCL students to get their hands dirty and truly experience what is like to be a part of the tumultuous world of Marketing, Advertising, and PR.

From workshops where members get to put on their creative thinking caps and create a brand from scratch to Digital Marketing Hackathon events where members get to work with real-world start-ups and come up a digital marketing and analytics strategies- we have something for everyone! We also bring in experienced, working professionals from these fields to give us in-depth insights and guidance.

So what are you waiting for? Come join our MAPS family and embark with us on this adventure of all things Marketing, Advertising, and PR!


  • Marketing, Advertising and PR Society Associate Membership£2.00
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR Society Standard Membership£2.00