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Nutrition and Dietetic Society

Hello and welcome to the Nutrition and Dietetics Society!

Whether you're a Nutrition OR Nutrition & Dietetics student OR just fascinated by the everchanging world of nutrition we are sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy ;)

Please join us on the KCLSU Welcome Fair app, now available to download from your app store, during the Virtual Welcome Fair from Thursday 24/09/20 to Saturday 26/09/20. Don't be shy! We're a friendly bunch :)

Live chat or 1:1 video call with us and ask any questions you have! 

  • This coming year, we have some very insightful talks/Q&A's from fantastic speakers lined up.... keep your eyes peeled.....
  • Our goal for our society this year is to aim to use our platform to showcase diversity in Nutrition and Dietetics in all of its forms, including under-represented groups such as males and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community!

Year Reps

If you are a keen bean to join the most scrumptious society (shhhh don't tell the others!), we are looking for applications for year reps from 1st year BSc Nutrition/Nutrition & Dietetics, MSc Nutrition, and MSc Dietetics.

Please send us a 150-200 word paragraph covering:

  1. Your full name, course, and role you are applying for.
  2. Why you think you are the right person for the role.
  3. What you will bring to the team.

Email to: 


Buddy-up System

For Nutrition and Nutrition & Dietetics students we facilitate a buddy-up system, where based on a questionnaire (that best speed-dating sites should be jealous of!) we pair you up with a student from older years. This way you always have someone to talk to about your academics, any concerns, simply someone to talk to, or ask for advice on how to pass Psychology and Social Sciences ;)


We are currently in discussions to collaborate with charities for volunteering. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Hopefully see you all soon! (either in person or virtually, we can't wait meet to see you!)

Follow our social media accounts (check above^^^) to stay up to date with our latest events.

A year's membership is £10 (covers cost of all events) or it's £3 per event.

please DO NOT purchase hoodies yet, we will announce when they are available to buy! :)





  • Nutrition and Dietetic Society Associate Membership£10.00
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Society Standard Membership£10.00

Our Products

  • Navy hoodie - small£17.50
  • Navy hoodie - medium£17.50
  • Navy hoodie - large£17.50
  • Charcoal grey hoodie - small£17.50
  • Charcoal grey hoodie- medium£17.50
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  • Black sweatshirt-small£17.50
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  • Sky blue sweatshirt - small£17.50
  • Sky blue sweatshirt - medium£17.50
  • Sky blue sweatshirt - large£17.50
  • Light grey sweatshirt - small£17.50
  • Light grey sweatshirt - medium£17.50
  • Light grey sweatshirt - large£17.50
  • How to Start Your Own Private Practice Thu 24 Oct 2019 - Standard£3.00
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - small£17.50
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - medium£17.50
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - large£17.50
  • Working as a health writer and PR consultant Thu 28 Nov 2019 - Standard£3.00
  • Louise Parker method for weight loss and health based interventions Tue 25 Feb 2020 - Standard£3.00
  • Gut Health Specialist - Kaitlin Colucci Thu 5 Mar 2020 - Standard£3.00