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Nutrition and Dietetic Society

Hello and welcome to the Nutrition and Dietetics Society!

Whether you're a Nutrition or Nutrition&Dietetics student OR just fascinated by the everchanging world of nutrition we are sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy ;)

We planned lots of cool events for this year, starting from Welcome Event on Friday 27/09/19 with pizza and board games night (yayyy)!!

Other than this you can expect insightful talks from external speakers from the industry as well as events created purely for socialising such as bowling or minigolf. Every year in December we organise Christmas dinner with plenty of mulled wine and wholesome vibes.

Buddy-up System

For Nutrition and Nutrition&Dietetics students we facilitate a buddy-up system, where based on a questionnaire (that best speed-dating sites should be jealous of!) we pair you up with a student from older years. This way you always have someone to talk to about your academic, and not only, concerns or ask for advice on how to pass Psychology and Social Sciences ;)


This year for the first time, in cooperation with St Thomas' hospital, we provide volunteering opportunity - helping with feeding patients during meal times. It's a regular voluntary work and as such we will need serious applicants ONLY, who can commit their time on a weekly basis (even if that's just one session per week!). In return for your time and effort you're getting a free training and DBS clearance as well as an immensly rewarding experience (and good for your CV!). 

Hopefully see you all soon!

A year's membership is £10 (covers cost of all events) or it's £3 per event.


Please make your hoodies order until the end of the day on Sunday the 10th! (10/11/19), thanks! 




  • Nutrition and Dietetic Society Associate Membership£10.00
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Society Standard Membership£10.00

Our Products

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  • How to Start Your Own Private Practice Thu 24 Oct 2019 - Standard£3.00
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - small£17.50
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - medium£17.50
  • Charcoal grey sweatshirt - large£17.50
  • Working as a health writer and PR consultant Thu 28 Nov 2019 - Standard£3.00
  • Louise Parker method for weight loss and health based interventions Tue 25 Feb 2020 - Standard£3.00
  • Gut Health Specialist - Kaitlin Colucci Thu 5 Mar 2020 - Standard£3.00