Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an activity which:

  • Has a charitable aim - seeking to benefit individuals or groups, including the university community
  • Is extracurricular (i.e. not a direct requirement of an academic course)
  • Is unpaid (although reasonable expenses may be reimbursed)
  • Is a 'formal' arrangement organised through a society, club, student project, King’s department or external charity

Don’t forget that roles like society committee members, course reps and sustainability champions also benefit the King’s community and consequently count as volunteering activities.

How do I get started?

The best place to start is by browsing the opportunities on our volunteering directory. You can filter opportunities by sector, and whether they are one off, short term or long term.

It’s also a good idea to create a profile to track your applications and log the hours you spend volunteering, which can contribute towards an award.

I'm volunteering for an external organisation, what should I log my hours as?

Log your hours spent volunteering for external organisations as a community project.

Can I find student led volunteering through the volunteering record?

Absolutely! Each society that runs a volunteering project is given a provider profile where they are able to add any roles they are currently promoting.

How long will it take until I can start volunteering?

That depends on the organisation and the role requirements (like having a DBS check). Some providers may have rolling recruitment with immediate start dates, whilst others may have a longer recruitment process. If it isn’t clear on the role description, you can email the provider for more details.

Do I need previous experience or skills?

Most projects simply ask for enthusiasm and commitment, however some opportunities may have more specific requirements. These will be detailed in the role description.

I didn't sign up in the first semester. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! We have volunteering projects available all year round.

Where are the volunteering projects on the volunteering directory based?

All of the volunteering projects we advertise are based in London. Some student led volunteering projects may even take place on King’s campuses.

What if I don't like my volunteering placement?

If you’re volunteering role isn’t working out please email the Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator to let them know. We can support you with any problems you’re having or help you to find another placement.

Please remember that many organisations rely heavily on volunteers, so it’s best to be honest with them if you are having difficulties or are thinking of leaving your role prematurely.

Can I take a break from volunteering during university vacations?

Most organisations recruiting King’s students will have factored in your need to take breaks during holidays/exam periods. It’s important to tell them in advance so that they can plan around you.

Does it cost anything to volunteer?

Volunteering is free to take part in. You may need to pay for travel and lunch expenses, although some organisations will reimburse you for these costs.

I’ve found a great volunteering opportunity elsewhere, but it’s not on the record

We’re always looking for opportunities from UK based charities to promote, so if you’ve found a great volunteering role that you think would appeal to King’s students, send us an email and let us know!

Can I set up a volunteering project of my own?

Yes! Check out our guidance on setting up a project.

I'm looking for part-time paid work, can you help?

Volunteering can help you develop skills for your career and looks great on your CV, but you will not be paid. You can find part time jobs via the KCL Careers Service.