Please note: Due to Covid-19, students should not organise any fundraiser which accepts cash donations. Updated guidance on running in person events can be found here.

Any society or club can raise money for charity, or for their own accounts, by hosting a fundraising event. Please remember that to host any type of fundraiser you must submit a Fundraising Application Form 15 working days in advance of your event. If you do not leave sufficient time then your campaign or event may not be able to go ahead on the date you have planned.

Card readers are not permitted at any KCLSU fundraising event. Any student found to be using a card reader will be asked to end their event immediately.

Types of Fundraiser

Depending on the type of event, you will need to provide different relevant information which you can find on the pages below.


The Fundraising Process from Start to Finish

Before submitting your fundraising application


  1. Check that you have the necessary documents for your fundraising application. You will need:
    • Charity authorisation letter: This is needed for all fundraisers unless you are raising money through JustGiving directly to your chosen charity.
    • Risk assessment: This is needed for any in person event. For updated guidance on Covid-19 risk assessment procedures, see this page.
    • Your chosen charity’s UK registered charity number: You can only fundraise for a charity that is registered with the UK charity commission.

At least 15 working days before your fundraiser is promoted:

  1. Fill in your fundraising form 15 working days in advance of your fundraiser.
  2. Receive a confirmation email from KCLSU Volunteering. If any information is missing, this will be requested before the application is approved.
  3. For ticketed events you may also need to fill out an events promotion form or an external speaker form. In this case you should aim to start your application earlier to allow enough time to promote your event.
  4. Promote your fundraiser.

On the day of your event: Cash Fundraising Only

  1. You will go to the Hubs desk specified on your form to collect your buckets for these to be sealed by the Hubs team. You may have also requested a float.
  2. Bring a piece of photo ID. This will be used as a deposit, and given back to you when your bucket is returned.
  3. After the fundraiser, return the buckets to the Hubs desk the same day – Under no circumstances are buckets allowed to be taken home overnight.
  4. The hubs staff member will instruct you on how to count and bank your money, please allow 20 minutes for this. If you won’t be able to return your bucket by the deadline please contact the Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator ([email protected]) in advance to arrange an alternative.

Setting up your JustGiving page: JustGiving campaigns only


If your chosen charity is already registered with JustGiving, you can set up your JustGiving page directly to this charity. You should still fill out a Fundraising Form, however you will not need to provide a charity authorisation letter or follow the additional steps below after your fundraiser.

You will need to follow the steps below and raise money through the KCLSU JustGiving page only if you are raising money for (1) your student group (2) for multiple charities at once or (3) a charity which is not already registered with JustGiving.

  1. Create an account on JustGiving for your society, using your society name (not your name, or an individual person).
  2. Select that you are raising money for the charity King’s College London Students’ Union (Not the charity name). 100% of your raised money will be transferred to your chosen charity or charities.
  3. Set up your page, write a description of your event and include information about the charity you are raising money for.
  4. Share your page to start collecting donations!

After Your Fundraiser:

  1. If you are raising money for a charity, this will be held in your society’s charity account. You can check this using the ‘Activity Group and Society Current Year Accounts 2020’ found at the top of this Finance and Funding Guidance.
  2. Fill out a Payment Request Form with the bank details for the charity and notify the KCLSU finance team at [email protected] – more in-depth finance information is also available on your PAT training through KEATS.
  3. The money will be sent by the finance team to the relevant charity, you can keep checking this on the ‘Activity Group and Society Current Year Accounts 2020'


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