Pole Fitness

Hello everyone it's Stella your president here. Welcome to our KCLSU page!

This is about to become your favourite page because all-things-pole will be happening on here! Continue reading for step by step instructions on the most important things going down at the moment. Apologies if I sound a little short - I am just trying to be clear and helpful :D So happy to have all new and returning members and I hope we can make this year one of the best so far.


First of all I want to thank you for being so patient with us while we sort everything out. We are nearly an entirely new committee and things have been really difficult and hectic! 

1) Taster Sessions 

We currently are no longer hosting taster sessions! We do however highly recommend that you give pole a try with Studio Z for 10 pounds. DM her on Instagram to book a class @z.studio. Alternatively you could try a class at London Dance Academy http://londondanceacademy.co.uk. You can also just confidently join without a taster we're not stopping ya! :p

2) Memberships

The booking system will not allow you to book into your classes without first purchasing a membership. If you are a KCL student please purchase the 'standard membership'. Once you are done, please join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/kclpole1920/. It's important you join because we share most of our information here and it's easily accessible if you've already joined the group! Please note you must have a membership in order to be accepted.

3) Classes, Bundles and Drop In's

Our pole year is divided into periods based on the weeks before and after reading week. There are rolling periods of 5 weeks. If you would like to purchase 5 classes for the price of 3 (35 pounds) the next round of bundle bookings will be available for purchase during reading week. For example: in reading week you purchase "Monday Level 1 Bundle" and you will automatically have a spot for the next 5 Monday Level 1's from that start date. 

Unforunately bundle booking offers are for a limited time only, so you have to be quite quick with your purchases as it will only be up for a week! This semester's bundle booking sales will be from  17th February 2020 to 21st February 2020. If you miss a bundle booking period no worries! So long as the classes are not sold out you will be able to individually purchase 'drop in' classes from this website as well. Example: Purchase Friday Level 1 Week 1 (the week corresponds to the week that the bundle begins).

From 24th of February until 29th of March:

- Week 1: Monday 24th of February -> Sunday 1st of March

- Week 2: Monday 2nd of March -> Sunday 8th of March

- Week 3: Monday 9th of March -> Sunday 15th of March

- Week 4: Monday 16 of March -> Sunday 22nd of March

- Week 5: Monday 23rd of March -> Sunday 29th of March

These classes include our pole classes at LDA, as well as Handbalancing and Strength & Flexibility classes held in campus! Our Open Pole classes are completely free - you can just show up. Please be reminded that Open Pole is also for members only, so you must have a membership before coming. This is to ensure safety as members will have also purchased a sports insurance. 

If the class you try to purchase is sold out we will attempt to add more classes. In this event an interest registration form will be put up here to help us find an appropriate time. 

Our timetables are posted in our public FB page, our insta, as well as our private FB group for members, so please take a look at these sites to find our schedule!

Returning Members

1) Membership

Please purchase standard membership as usual, if you are no longer a KCL student contact Zoonii for instructions on purchasing associate membership.

2) Bundles

The prices were raised considerably this year at LDA. In order to still provide these classes for cheap they will have to be purchased in bulk. I know its different and will take some getting used to but the idea was that this way even if you miss 2/5 classes its still cheaper to book the bundle. When you purchase a bundle you will be registered for 'Friday Level 4' from Week 1 until reading week. There might be drop in space especially in Level 4 - drop-in's will cost £12 each and will be made available for purchase the Saturday before Week 1 begins. 

Drop-ins for £12 are also available. LDA hiked the prices sorry!


1) Kit

If you pre-ordered kit just select your items ensuring you click the one with 'pre-order' in the description. After you pay contact Ingvild/Sam Gronlien to collect your order. 

If you have not pre-ordered then please purchase kit through this site. In a few weeks we will make an order and notify you when it arrives so it can be collected. 

Our kit catalogue will be posted here soon. 

2) Contact

If you have any more questions or queries please contact us through:

Open to the public:




Open to members:



Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! I am so excited for this year. 

Stella & the KCLPDFC Team






  • Pole Fitness Standand Membership£30.00
  • Pole Fitness Associate Membership£40.00

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  • Pole Fitness Pre-Order Shorts£25.00
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