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Our Products

  • Pole BeActive Membership Top-Up£20.00
  • KCL Pole Fundraiser Showcase Thu 28 Mar 2024 - KCL Pole Members£5.00
  • KCL Pole Fundraiser Showcase Thu 28 Mar 2024 - KCL Student£7.00
  • Beginner 2 Monday 16:30-18:00£60.00
  • Strength and Flex Monday 18:00-19:00£25.00
  • Intermediate Wednesday 16:00-17:30£60.00
  • Beginner 1 Wednesday 16:00-17:30£60.00
  • Beginner 1 Wednesday 17:45-19:15£60.00
  • Beginner 2 Thursday 16:30-18:00£48.00
  • Beginner 1 Friday 16:00-17:30£48.00
  • Complete Beginner Friday 17:45-19:15£48.00
  • KCL Pole Fundraiser Showcase Thu 28 Mar 2024 - External Attendee£10.00
  • Varsity Pole Fitness KCL vs UCL Sat 16 Mar 2024 - Student£5.00
  • Varsity Pole Fitness KCL vs UCL Sat 16 Mar 2024 - Standard£7.00

Hello everyone! Welcome to KCL Pole's KCLSU Page!


Please read the below BEFORE purchasing anything !!!


Introduction to KCL Pole:

Whether you've never done any sport or dance or come from the circus, we are beyond excited that you are thinking of joining us at KCL Pole! 

We are most active on our Instagram, so if you need to get in contact with us, please message us there!

Memberships we offer:

  • Standard Membership – For those currently studying at KCL
  • Associate Membership – For KCL graduates who still want to do pole with us!
  • Half-Year Standard Membership – For KCL students who are joining from Semester 2 or later!
  • Pole BeActive Membership Top-Up – A regular BeActive membership at a discounted price! This is purchased as an add-on, meaning you’d have to buy either a Standard or Associate membership to buy the BeActive membership.

Both standard and associate memberships include the same contents. A membership is SEPARATE to classes. A membership MUST be purchased before purchasing any classes. A membership lasts the whole year!

What’s included in a membership:

  • A wide range of socials – from crazy nights out to other non-drinking activities! Sports nights, dinner socials, indoor climbing etc.
  • Trips - Summer tour and other short trips for competitions or pole shows
  • Competitions - We take part in a variety of London-wide, regional and national competitions. Did we mention that we are reigning National Champions, 2x Regional Champions, and 4x KCL vs UCL Varsity Champions? Quite a feat given that we've only been around for 7 years!
  • Showcases - We have a range of showcases from small-scale club-only ones to help our members boost confidence, to large-scale charity showcases, giving you plenty of opportunities to showcase your routines no matter your level!
  • Access to open pole on 2x a week! Also, access to purchasing other classes.
  • Workshops - alongside classes, we also occasionally put on workshops like aerial hoop, silks, heels and hand-balancing classes at a discounted price (we sell them for £12-18 but they usually cost ~£45 per class in London)!


Types of classes we offer: 

  • Weekly Pole classes at our very own Studio on Waterloo Campus and Ultimate Pole - Complete beginner to advanced at a heavily discounted price (we sell them for £12 per class but they usually cost ~£21 per class in London)!
  • Open Pole Sessions - Free sessions included on the membership to practice and try out pole moves and hang with all the great people here at KCL Pole!
  • Strength & flex classes – Strength and flexibility training to greatly improve your pole skills

Class levels:


Complete Beginner: Suitable for complete beginners or those who have only taken a few classes.

Beginner 1: Suitable for those who took Beginner 1 last term and aren’t ready to move up yet.

Beginner 2: Suitable for those who are close to mastering beginner moves like spins, forearm climb, fan kicks. Working towards inverting.

Intermediate: Ability to invert is a requirement. These classes will work on inverted moves including leg hangs and cross-knee releases, as well as more challenging transitions and spins. Also for those with strong leg hangs who have already spent time mastering intermediate moves, but who need a refresher or are not quite ready for the higher moves and transitions.

Advanced: Shoulder mounts are a requirement. This class is for those who have a strong extended butterfly/inverted D, and are ready to work on handsprings, ayesha variations, and other advanced moves and transitions.

Strength & Flex: No experience needed! Work on your flexibility and learn how to build strength for on-the-pole moves.

BeActive: No experience needed! Classes are more choreo based including beginner level tricks!

Academic Year 23/24 classes & timetable:


16:30-18:00 – Beginner 2 (Waterloo)

18:00-19:00 – Strength & Flex (Waterloo)

19:00-20:00 – BeActive (Waterloo)


12:00-15:00 – Open Pole (Guys Campus AR1)

16:00-17:30 – Intermediate (Ultimate Pole)

16:00-17:30 – Beginner 1 (Waterloo)

17:45-19:15 – Beginner 1 (Waterloo)


16:30-18:00 – Beginner 2 (Waterloo)

18:00-19:00 – BeActive (Waterloo)


14:00-17:00 – Open Pole (Guys Campus AR1)

16:00-17:30 – Beginner 1 (Waterloo)

17:45-19:15 – Complete Beginner (Waterloo)

Look at our 'studio locations' highlight on our Instagram for help when finding these studios!

Classes/bundle information:

Prices for bundles include 5 weekly classes each; they are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Unfortunately, we DON’T refund memberships.

We are not running advanced classes for semester 2 as we didn’t have a big enough turnout, please contact us for more information and hopefully, we can put on a class next year!

One-off classes are available in the description in our members-only WhatsApp group chat at a slightly higher price than the price per class of our bundles.

The current bundles up are for the week commencing the 15th of January to the week commencing the 12th of February.


KCL Pole President Welcome, 23/24

Thank you for reading and for being patient with us, we are beyond excited to meet all of you! We look forward to introducing you to this wonderful sport and art form, and are excited to include you in our loving and supportive pole community at King’s. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please reach us through our Instagram page (@kclpole) or email ([email protected]).

All the best, 

Tabitha Reeves

President; on behalf of the KCL Pole 2023/24 Committee

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