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Gaming and Esports (KCLGE)


  • Gaming and Esports (KCLGE) Standard Membership£5.00
  • Gaming and Esports (KCLGE) Associate Membership (Non-students)£5.00

Welcome to Gaming and Esports (KCLGE)

About us

We are one of the fastest growing societies in the university, dedicated to providing an environment for all students at King's to come together to play and discuss games.

We are very proactive in encouraging participation, whether you play for fun, or you wish to compete.


Purchasing a membership to our society grants you free entry to all our fun and varied events, as well as other benefits, which includes us hosting your twitch streams, the ability to win prizes, and to become part of our esports teams (more details below).

With the membership cost, we are able to fund the society more, to make our events bigger and better; allowing for accomodation of more games and playstyles.

As a member, you will get to meet many wonderful, like-minded individuals that will give you more excuses to play games.


We host a wide variety of events, including:

  • Regular games nights / LAN parties for everyone to come and play games and have fun.
  • Pub quizzes, Pub Crawls, Arcade trips and socials at Gaming-dedicated bars
  • Our annual Nintendo-themed LAN ("Nintenday")
  • League of Legends Realm Events
  • Livestreams of pro esports matches, as well as viewing parties of some of these events
  • Various Inter-society events; Collaborations with other KCL Societies and other London Gaming Societies

At these events, there are plenty of opportunities to win prizes!

Esports Teams

We have numerous teams for various different games, for people of a variety of skill levels.

Being a member of one of these teams provides the opportunity to compete in termly tournaments against other universities (NUEL & NSE)

The teams formed from our best players will represent KCL Lions, and may potentially have the chance to play at live events!

Above all else, have fun whilst playing!

From the Committee:

Feel free to contact us using any of the links provided, with any questions you may have.

Equally, if there are any particular events you are hoping for this year, let us know!

No matter whether you enjoy playing games casually or competitively, or you just like to spectate; whether you are new to games and are looking for a friendly, safe space to learn in- we welcome everyone and anyone to our society, so join today!

Hope to see you at our events!

Don't forget to join our discord: !




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