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KCL Womxn in Physics


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The primary aim of the KCL Womxn in Physics (KCL WiP) Society is to create a safe space where womxn and non binary people are able to share their experiences, express their opinions and receive support and encouragement from like-minded peers without the fear (and reality) of being undermined, undervalued, and invalidated.

We aim to create a sense of community. We are subject to daily micro-aggressions, instances of unconscious bias, and in many cases having to overcome our own loss of self-worth in physics academia.

Our second goal is to act as a catalyst for change within the field. We will actively engage members of staff to implement policies that will improve gender equality. We also hope to provide a form of education.

We will welcome members of all genders to learn about the issue of gender equality in Physics and what they can do to help the cause.