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About us 
KCL Space, founded in 2017, is a student-run society which comes under the Department of Physics. The aim of KCL Space is to provide its members with opportunities to engage in space-related activities, organised with our partners in industry and society partners. We also work to bridge the gap between the niche that is the space industry and the students aspiring to become a part of it. We aim towards closing this gap through academic support, workshops and opportunities to network with others already within the space industry. 
Academic Events
KCL Space invites a variety of speakers to talk to our society members about their exciting new discoveries in the space sector and career opportunities in the field. In the 21/22 term, we have been hosting public lectures, airing the second season of our podcast series "Across the Karman Line" and collaborating with societies both inside and outside of King's to bring you events such as the Project Alpha Centauri Hackathon #PACHACK and the KCL x UCL Space Careers Fair. 

Social Events 

Social events including the Annual KCL Space Winter Ball, pizza evenings, movie nights and themed games nights. This is where our members can gather and socialise with each other throughout the year. 

KCL Space is an affiliate of the United Kingdom Students for Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS) and the Institute of Physics. 
The society also has strong links with the Asteroid Mining Corporation, International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC), Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) and many others. We work to partner with them on our events and provide workshops, lectures and even internships for our members!
  -  We are comprised of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
  -  We welcome students of all backgrounds with open arms into the family of space enthusiasts.
  -  We create and provide a safe environment for our members, letting them be free to explore the vastness of the universe and themselves at the same time.
  -  We have been awarded: The UKSEDS Most Improved Branch of the Year 2022

 -  We have partnered with the NASA Space Apps Challenge hosts to bring the Challenge to London this year!

-We hosted the Google DevFest 2021 this year for UK & Ireland where developers from all over the UK participated in workshops, talks and sessions in the latest developments!

Our Society members typically study a subject in the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences (NMS), but we also have members from over 30 other Faculties and Departments!


We would be partnering with KCL Robotics to partcipate in the Olympus Rover Trials, where we would be making mini mars rovers; and we also build rockets and work towards the UKSED’s National Rocketry Championship once again. If that wasn’t exciting enough, once our rockets are built we get to launch them too. For semester one, we would be adding study resources, slides, course recommendations and live sessions where students can learn the needed skills for mechanical project workings, and in semester 2 we would work hand on building the machines.


We have previously entered the UKSEDS CubeSat Challenge, where we designed a CubeSat to detect trash in the oceans. This year we want to go a step further and build our own CubeSats. Watch this space for more info!

Space Law

The KCL Space Moot Team competes with the chance of going before the International Court of Justice. They also host Moot Competitions with the KCL Bar and Mooting Society om topics surrounding Space Law. Follow along on our social media for updates. 

Conference Delegations

Every year, we send delegates to the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference. In 2022, KCL Space were fortunate enough to host the National Student Space Conference here at King's for the first time and be the London host for the first time in 18 years! We were awarded the Most Improved Branch of the Year Award which was presented by Ken Gordon of the European Space Agency. 


We started an outreach programme in October 2021 where we visited local high schools in our community to talk about pursuing degrees in STEM and the potential to work in the Space Industry. Due to its success, we will be establishing this a core activity of our society. 



President - Ahlam Abdi

Chair - Pratyaksha Purohit 

Co-Vice President - Ellen Oudkerk-Sodia

Co-Vice President - Fedor Sulitskiy

Treasurer- Sahil Goonraz

Secretary - Polina Dzhgun 

Co-Head of Marketing - Sarthak Maji

Co-Head of Marketing - Isha Parvaiz

Head of Space Law- Trisha Unnikrishnan 

Head of Space Medicine - Sasvi Wijesinghe

Co-Head of Rocketry - Anastasia Soldatova 

Co-Head of Rocketry - Dipanjan Mitra 

Systems Head and Chief Strategist- Ignacio Serrano Figueroa

Wellbeing Lead - Stina Zejnullahi

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