Affordable rooms for international students

Around 40% of King’s students are international students. Many of whom face financial difficulties but rarely have a source of respite or help available to them. 

In my year as President, I took an initiative to help support financially challenged international students. I started with a strategy to assist them in accommodation related issues. 

I was the first President in King's history to lead a campaign to add 345 rooms for international students in the King’s affordable accommodation scheme. These rooms will now be let at a subsidised price in order to aid those international students who come from lower income backgrounds or are facing financial challenges. All these rooms will be priced at £169 or less, cheaper than the other rooms in King’s residences.

To achieve this goal, I worked closely with King’s residences and the head of King’s residences, Paloma. Our efforts paid off, giving King’s the honour of becoming the first university to have an affordable accommodation scheme for its international students living in central London.