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Last chance for GTA survey

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The campaign team behind the Fair Pay for GTAs campaign have said:

"If you are currently a GTA, or have taught in 2017-2018, the Fair Pay for GTAs campaign are collecting your experiences into an anonymous survey, the results of which will be presented to College. Share you experience here:

"If you are a PhD student and you’ve chosen not to teach, for whatever reason, the campaign are collecting your testimonies too:

"If you are not a GTA – we still need your help! Please share the links across your networks!

“We are building evidence to take to the College to demonstrate that their current GTA provision is negatively impacting GTAs and the students they teach. Many first-time GTAs are not given the training they need to have confidence in the classroom – while they may be subject experts, there are other elements to teaching that must themselves be taught. GTAs are calling for ongoing professional development, too - we’re also students preparing for our future careers. Of course, all this should be properly paid. 

"Furthermore, we know that many GTAs work well beyond their contracted hours to properly prepare classes, give their students the guidance and feedback they need.

"While we have plenty of anecdotes, we need to collect everything together formally as evidence.”

“We also want to collect instances of best practice of supporting GTAs around the College. If you’re in a department that is training and supporting GTAs well, please also mention details of this in the survey.”

2The testimonies the campaign have collected so far show that the College are letting down PhD students and the students they teach. See the article in Roar for more

"Find the Fair Pay for GTAs campaign on facebook and twitter @KingsGTAs, or email the campaign at"


Pedro Rubio
4:32pm on 21 Mar 19 I want to highlight the fact that we have to carry out all our admin tasks during our weekly office hour. That means that officially we should email students, conveners, tutors, etc. only once a week, and only as much as the students' visits during the office hours allow. As an external GTA at King's, I can say that this is not the case in other universities, where several hours per module are allocated exclusively for these purposes. Also, when I asked several members of the administration what the marking pace was, nobody responded to my emails. And I have been called to meetings not included within my 'coordination meeting hours', therefore unpaid.
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