Learning about Consent

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Learning about Consent

This page includes two short videos and a useful article to introduce consent and encourage you to consider how you think about consent. Each only takes a few minutes but can help you feel more confident in understanding what consent is. 

This page also includes links to free Consent Matters training and support available if you are affected by anything discussed in these videos. 


Sex is like a cup of tea?

What is (enthusiastic) consent?

Article: How to Give and Get Consent by Brook Sexual Health Charity


Free Consent Matters Training

As a KCL student, you can access Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect and Positive Intervention trainig. You can find out more about the training and how to access it on this page. 


Getting Support

If someone forces you to do something sexual that you do not want to do,  it is never your fault and it is not okay. If this has happened to you, it may help to speak to someone you trust to get help and support and report what has happened. 

KCL Information and Services:

KCL Report and Support Service

KCL article: I'm a student needing support for sexual harassment, misconduct or assault.

KCL Counselling

KCLSU Advice for guidance on options for reporting and advice if your studies are being affected.

Support outside of King's:

NHS: Help after rape or sexual assault

Victim Support

Rape Crisis 

The Survivors Trust

Galop (LGBTQ+ Specific)

The Havens (London specific support centres)