Savour The Moment

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When things feel uncertain, finding ways to clear our minds and stay present can really benefit our mental health and wellbeing. Here are some mindful, relaxing activities that you can try out to ease your mind. 

How can you make the most of each and every moment?

At King’s 

King's Culture

The #kingsculturalcommunity sends out a weekly creative prompt that you can do from anywhere with minimal supplies. During Take Time In, the creative prompts will have guest student writers and include virtual challenges so you can get rewarded for getting your creative juices flowing! Sign up to the #kingsculturalcommunity newsletter here.

King's Reflecting Together Project – help contribute to a King’s time capsule and archive of creative work that reflects our struggles, as well as our strength as a community during this unique period.

Mindfulness with king's chaplaincy

Clear your mind and give yourself headspace by attending a guided mindfulness session led by King's Chaplaincy. These online sessions run 3 times a week and are open to all students. No faith is required. Drop KCL Chaplaincy an email on [email protected] for the link to join. 

KCL Meditation Society

KCL Meditation Society is a great society to learn more about how we can introduce meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives. 

King's Health Partners Mindfulness 4 All

Learn about our new guided mediation sessions, Mindfullness 4 All, created and recorded to support your mindfulness learning and practice.

Your Peers Recommend 

From mindfulness to de-cluttering, King’s students are trying out loads of ways to savour the moment. 

If you want to recommend something for your peers, email [email protected]


Free meditations open to using any time. For full access to the many types of movement and meditation, students with a valid NUS Card or Unidays registration can get full access to the Headspace app for free with Spotify Premium. 


Declutter and relax

Create a 1-month decluttering or relaxation challenge with friends or on your own that includes small tasks like clean the fridge, clean your wardrobe and donate the clothes, clean your inbox, unsubscribe from pages you no longer use, update all passwords, donate books which you have already read, clear out old pens which don’t work, organise a cupboard, etc.  

Become an artist!

Try your hand at painting by checking out ‘Paint by Numbers for Adults’ 

Practice Gratitude and Mindfullness

Write down one thing or person you’re grateful for before you go to bed or when you wake up to give yourself something positive to think about. 

Try out Mindfulness with The Mindfulness App. 

Work on some Meditainment!

Check out free unlimited access to the Meditainment library to help us de-stress, beat anxiety, boost our mood and relax deeply.

Relax around the world (from home!)

Window Swap allows you to see what other people see everyday! One second you might be in London and the next you could be in India or Australia.  Check it out here! 

Give journalling a go!

If you're not sure where to start, check out the Journal Prompts Wellbeing Template by the Positive Peers.  Check it out here! 

If you'd rather go digital, why not use the 1 Second a Day app to record your year.  Find out more here!