PAT Conference 2020

 In response to the latest government instructions to stay at home, we are working to cancel, postpone or move online any KCLSU events affected. As a result, the 2020 PAT training conference will no longer be taking place in June and we will be moving as much content to the online training platform as possible. We are still hoping to run an in-person PAT development day at the beginning of the first term back to offer personal and professional development opportunities and facilitate networking. Updates will follow in the next few weeks.

KCLSU By-Elections 2020

 At KCLSU, we work for all our students to be represented as individuals and within their communities. This is why we are holding by-elections in 2020. By-elections occur when re-open nominations (R.O.N) is the result of a position or when a position is left unfilled, which was the case during our Spring Elections this year.

Nominations open on 4 May and close on the 29 May, and this may be the opportunity to represent your student body or community!

 There are five positions available for this by-elections:

•Vice President Postgraduate

•Mature Students’ Officer

•Disabled Students’ Officer

•LGBT+ Officer (open place and Trans place)

•Student Parents and Carers’ Officer

You can check here for more information about the positions. More info in our elections page soon.

Help shape future support: Covid-19 and Online Education

We are inviting all taught students at King’s to tell us more about their experiences of the pandemic. Covid-19 has forced big changes in teaching, learning and assessment. What has been your experience of these changes? What is working well? What has worked less well? We would like to know what skills you have for studying online and if there are any gaps. This will help King’s develop tailored support for online study. How has the lock down influenced your daily life? We’d like to understand more about your experience and hope this can help shape future student support. 

The survey for three weeks from Monday 20th April – Sunday 10th May.

You can participate here: https://tinyurl.com/covid19kcl

Great Kings VIRTUAL Run 

Kings Sport are running the Great King’s Virtual Run on 3rd May to engage in a community run from all around the world.

Click here to join in!