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Join KCL's sickest sports club

Come with us to carve, rip and wipeout all over the UK, and join our socials to chill out and vibe your way through the year



London is undoubtedly an amazing city, but there's no denying the city & university can get a little overwhelming at times...

If you fancy regular weekends away to the seaside, consider joining KCL Surf Club! We will be organising trips to Cornwall, the Wave Pool in Bristol, as well as a mad Summer trip somewhere hot (no spoilers though) as well as some awesome socials somewhere more local.

It doesn't matter whether you surfed Pipeline when you were 10 or have never seen the sea before, as long as you're willing to relax and have some fun!

Membership gets you access to our trips, discounts from sponsors and the greatest group of pals you could wish for!

Check us out on Instagram for all the trip updates!: @kclsurfclub.


Come and say hello to us during Welcome Fair on Friday 22nd!

Upcoming events:

  1. Surf Freshers Pub Crawl - Friday 29/09/2023 A great way to meet other members :)
  2. Watersports Boat Party - Wednesday 11/10/2023 Come suited and booted in your best black tie! 

Upcoming trips

  • BUCS Surfing Championships: 12 - 15 October 2023 (Newquay, Cornwall)
    • Our absolute classic. A 3 day festival in the capital of British surfing where you'll be able to compete and party with surfers from all around the UK.
    • Competing isn't mandatory but if you represent our club, you'll have the entry cost and part of the transport and accommodation cost reimbursed by KCLSU!
    • The trip is open to both complete novices and advanced surfers.
  • Newquay - 23-26 November 2023
  • The Wave, Bristol - TBC
  • International trip: Mid June 2024
    • Our previous destinations included the Algarve in Portugal and Cantabria in Spain!
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