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KCL Motorsport Club


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

* For those interested in taking part in the BUKC, please see memberships explained below, and contact us before purchasing a BUKC event ticket *

The KCL Motorsport Club aims to provide a variety of motorsport-related activities for our members. Whether you’re interested in two or four wheels, our club is the definitive place for all speed freaks at King's. Anyone is welcome to join, no previous driving or motorsport experience is required!

As a member of the club, you can look forward to:

  • Social go-karting at various indoor and outdoor tracks in and around London
  • Live screenings at a variety of locations including on-campus and at sports bars
  • Trips to race days such as the BTCC and ROC
  • Social events
  • E-Sports Competitions
  • More...


KCL Motorsport Club takes part in the British University Karting Championship (BUKC), and after a long summer we are looking forward to another exciting year of racing. The season will start off with testing days on the 19th and 20th of October. Testing days allow new members to obtain their 'racing license', this is an essential step as the BUKC will not allow any driver to race unless they have obtained their license (NO prior experience is required to participating in test days). Only a limited number of drivers can attend test days, so make sure to register your interest as soon as possible. 

Following test days, the drivers that obtained their racing license will be part of the KCL Racing Team and will be participating in a tournament consisiting of a qualifiers weekend and 4 subsequent races between November 2021 and early April 20222. 

For any further information contact us either through email or by sending us a message on instagram. For more information reguarding the BUKC check out their web-page


Social Membership: For current KCL students. This membership gives member the access to all our events including non-BUKC karting events and social events. This can be upgraded to a BUKC membership if you wish to join the team.

***NOTE: You can buy the social membership at any time of the year!***

Associate Membership: For non-KCL students and Alumni. This membership gives non-KCL students access to all our events including non-BUKC karting events and social events. However, non-KCL students cannot join the KCL Racing Team and hence cannot race in the BUKC. 

***NOTE: You must be a student at another Uni to buy this membership!***

BUKC Membership: Only purchase this membership if you has spoken to a member of the committee and if you have obtained your racing license.

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