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Golf Club


  • Golf Club Competitive Membership£30.00
  • Golf Club Associate Membership (Non-students)£30.00
  • Half membership£21.50
  • Golf Club Recreational Membership£30.00

Our Products

  • Driving Range Session£5.00
  • Range session 31/01 at Greenwich Driving Range Wed 31 Jan 2024 - Standard Ticket£5.00

Ready to tee off with the coolest crew on campus?

Join KCL Golf Society and swing into unforgettable moments!

London's hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, but when you're part of KCL Golf Society, we've got a hole-in-one escape right in the heart of the chaos, where the green fairways offer a chill sanctuary from the urban buzz.

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to tee off during your university journey? Look no further! The KCL Golf Society welcomes both new freshers and current students to join us for a fantastic golfing experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have something for everyone.

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We've got loads of perks:

Weekly Training and Coaching:

Our society hosts weekly training sessions on a Wednessday, some of which include professional coaching. Whether you want to improve your swing, perfect your putting, or just enjoy a leisurely round, our training sessions are the perfect way to hone your skills.

Compete in BUCS South Eastern Tier 2:

As part of our competitive spirit, we participate in the BUCS South Eastern Tier 2 golf competition. Every Wednesday, we go head-to-head with other universities in thrilling home and away matches. Our home matches take place at the prestigious Royal Blackheath Golf Club, providing a top-notch playing experience.

Affordable Student Membership at RBGC:

Being a member of our society has its perks! We offer student membership at Royal Blackheath Golf Club at an excellent cost, allowing you to access their world-class facilities and enjoy a premier golfing experience without breaking the bank.

Frequent Non-Golf Socials:

It's not just about the game (and trust we need to forget about our rounds more often than not). We organise frequent non-golf social events all across London. These are always announced on our Instagram page.

Great for Beginners and Experienced Golfers:

Whether you're taking your first swing or have been playing for years, our society welcomes golfers of all skill levels. We create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can improve their game while having a great time.

Customised Merchandise:

We love merch, you love merch. It's a win-win situation. We've got stacks on stacks of crested golf gear to buy. Show your love for KCL! You can purchase directly via this link.

Annual Golf Trip:

One of the highlights of being a part of our society is our annual golf trip. A weekend away playing some ridiculously good courses with some not so ridiculously good golf... It's all part of the fun!

Which membership is right for me?

Recreational - This is for those just getting into golf, or who prefer to keep on the social side of things. 

  • Discounted range sessions.
  • Access to all golf socials
  • Invite to day, weekend and foreign away trip
  • Subsidised occasional golf coaching

Competitive - This is for those selected for the BUCS team or for those who want access to the Royal Blackheath Golf Club membership.

  • Free BUCS team mixed entry
  • Subsidised individual BUCS competition entries
  • Discounted range sessions.
  • Access to all golf socials
  • Invite to day, weekend and foreign away trip
  • Subsidised occasional golf coaching
  • Access to buy Royal Blackheath Golf Club student membership

Royal Blackheath - This is for those who want to become a member for a calender year of Royal Blackheath Golf Club. You'll need to buy the competitive membership with insurance first and then proceed to buy the RBGC membership in a second transaction.

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