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Welcome to KCL tennis!

KCL tennis is one of the country's most successful University Tennis Clubs. Situated in the heart of Central London, KCL tennis offers a multi-award-winning programme that strives towards our vision of building a club that is inclusive by design. 

KCL tennis offers all students the opportunity to enjoy their university experience through tennis inclusive of their age, ability, background and motivations for getting involved. 

Whether you are a competitive player, beginner/intermediate or someone aspiring to work or volunteer in tennis, KCL tennis offers you the opportunity to access a multi-award winning programme that prioritises player development on and off the court. With our brand new £10 core membership, there has never been a better time to join KCL Tennis. 



Competitive Tennis

In 23/24, we have expanded our competitive tennis offering to nine competitive teams that compete and train at least once a week across a range of levels.

 We have Three Men's teams and Two Women's teams who compete in British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS). Each of the following teams is made up of 8 players and competes in the following divisions: 

  • Men's 1 (M1) - BUCS South Eastern Tier 1A
  • Men's 2 (M2) - BUCS South Eastern Tier 2A
  • NEW GKT Men's 1  - BUCS South Eastern Tier 5 (Fast4)
  • Women's 1 (W1) - BUCS South Eastern Tier 1A
  • Women's 2 (W2) - BUCS South Eastern Tier 2A


Additionally, we have Four Mixed teams that compete in the London Universities Sports League (LUSL). Each of the following teams is made up of 16 players (8 men and 8 women) and competes in the following divisions:

  • LUSL 1 - Mixed Premier League
  • LUSL 2 - Mixed Premier League 
  • GKT LUSL - Mixed Premier League*
  • NEW LUSL 3 - LUSL Mixed Intermediate


*Please note, this team is made up of students based on Guy’s campus or working at any of the three hospitals associated with King’s: Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ hospitals)*



Recreational Tennis

Our refreshed recreational tennis programme, in partnership with BeActive, offers students and staff of all ages and abilities a diverse range of coached and non coached tennis activities up to 5 days a week. Sessions range from cardio tennis to beginner/intermediate courses, while consistently offering development and competition opportunities.


  •  Cardio Tennis 1: 12-1 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Hemsworth tennis with coaches, Harun Ghani + Rahul Chaturvedi
  •  Cardio Tennis 2: 1-2 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Harmsworth tennis with coaches, Harun Ghani + Rahul Chaturvedi 


  • Staff Tennis 1: 5-6 p.m. @Archbishops Park with Head Coach, Jonathon Dawes 
  • LGBTQ+ Tennis: 6-7 pm @Colombo Centre


  • Student Beginners Tennis: 1-2 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Harmsworth with coach, Elaine Mei
  • Student Intermediate/Advanced Tennis: 2-3 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Harmsworth with coach, Elaine Mei


  • Staff Tennis 2: 1-2 p.m. @ Colombo Centre s 


  • Saturday Beginners Matchplay Tennis: 2-3 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Harmsworth with coach, Joey Khayat
  • Saturday Intermediate/Advanced Matchplay Tennis 3-4 p.m. @Geraldine Mary Harmsworth with coach, Joey Khayat



Volunteering and work opportunities in tennis

At KCL tennis, we are super proud to launch our first-ever A.C.E Leadership Academy this academic year. Our Leadership Academy aims to create the leaders of tomorrow through tennis in three different ways:

Activate: Provide all students on the programme with meaningful opportunities to contribute to improving society through placements with our strategic partners. These include The Queens Club Foundation, Kings Sport, Wilson and Southwark Tennis. 

Champion: Connect students with an individual mentor and a wider network of sector professionals who share their passion for the causes that make tennis and society more inclusive.

Empower: Organise a plethora of opportunities for young people to develop and flourish as society's change makers of tomorrow.

This programme will be open to up to 40 students. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates about how to apply. 


Weekly socials

If you are looking for an exciting and varied social experience look no further than KCL tennis! Socials are a great way to have a blast whilst engaging with people across the club. Our wonderful social secs organise weekly Wednesday socials at different locations in London including Guy’s bar, The Vault, Dover Castle, Simmons bar, Belushi's and many others. Some of our cub favourites include House parties, Bounce ping pong bar, Ballie Ballerson and Scavenger hunts. 



There's always something big on at KCL Tennis, whether it be pub quizzes, charity tournaments, club dinners or balls! This year, we are levelling up and putting on more events than ever before! See below for a list of what's on! 

  • First ever KCL Tennis Open day
  • Our 23/24 Club re-launch
  • Christmas ball
  • Pub Quiz
  • Charity Tournament
  • Varsity
  • Macadam
  • AGM



Membership is open to all King’s students, and starts at just £10! 

Core For just £10, you can get access to:

  •  Our club network and comprehensive events calendar
  •  Events and socials
  •  Exclusive 30% Wilson discount!
  • The best community anywhere at King's!

Note: You will need to purchase our Core Membership before you can purchase memberships to join our competitive or recreational teams. We will be releasing the rest of our memberships in due course, so watch this space!

To join one of our competitive teams (BUCS or LUSL) , you must first trial and be picked by one of our team captains. 

Please do not buy one of the competitive memberships unless told by one of our captains. If you have bought the membership by mistake, please let the Treasurer know and email [email protected]. Please note, that you must gain permission from the Treasurer first and copy them into your email to the finance team to get your refund approved.


Key contacts:

President: Jonathon Dawes - [email protected]

Vice President: David Nana - [email protected]

Treasurer: Aryan Agrawal - [email protected]

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