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Welcome to KCL Karate!

As a club cater to all levels, whether you're a beginner wanting to try something new or whether you want to be part of our competition squad, we are here to help you reach your goals. We provide a wide range of classes, not only in traditional Shotokan Karate but also high-intensity fitness classes with combat elements and great music. We have special squad sessions for those who want to compete in kumite or kata and help us bring back even more medals from BUCS this year! We have a fantastic team of skilled instructors who teach and encourage students on a personal level from day one and will coach anyone interested in competing throughout the year

Street-Safe: More than ‘just karate’

It is our strong belief that good karate is effective karate, and to that effect we dedicate a significant portion of our sessions to teaching practical self-defence techniques. This includes simulating scenarios, lots of padwork and applied karate. We teach the concept of bunkai: the analysis of our kata (form) where we apply the traditional Shotokan to situations where it can make a real difference. It is important to make sure your karate works in a safe environment as opposed to discovering it is useless when your life is at stake.

Train Hard, Fight Easy!


Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Guy's Campus West Wing Activity, Activity Room 1)

Saturdays 11 am - 12.30 pm (Guy's Campus West Wing Activity, Activity Room 4)

Saturdays 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm (Guy's Campus West Wing Activity, Activity Room 4)

If you are looking at joining Karate or are just interested to see what it's all about, just come along to try - the first session’s always free!!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via our email address or Facebook. Join our Facebook group for up to date info. 

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Anecdotes from our members:

Nikolay, KCL alumni (Biomedical sciences), 2nd dan, Instructor

I joined Kings College karate club during my first year at university. I’d had previous experience in karate but this club was something different. Upon joining Kings, I doubted whether or not I wanted to carry on as karateka, but after attending the first trial session, I made up my mind that karate is more just martial art, and this club embodies that. In addition I’ve met people who inspired true ambition and determination, not just in karate, but in life. This club offers many fields of interest including traditional karate, ground work, competition karate and self-defence fitness sessions as well as participation in cultural festivals and the summer camp. It is a very diverse club having students and postgraduates from various backgrounds forming a vibrant and encouraging atmosphere. During my time with the club I have progressed and achieved first Dan. It was difficult journey of pain and sweat but my self-confidence has never been higher. I truly believe that no matter what situation I’m placed in I’ll be able to “survive”. I still don’t think I can kick like Bruce Lee but I now have a much deeper understanding of what it means to be a martial artist and black belt. It means that you must give your absolute best in everything you do and something that looked impossible becomes you. The regular socials allows club to bond not just inside the dojo but in more relaxed atmosphere, my personal highlights include the Halloween and Christmas celebrations. This club not only made me stronger physically and mentally but also helped me to develop personally.


Lizzie, Final Year Medicine
K Fit is the best workout class you’ll ever go to, in fact it becomes more of an addiction. The high intensity interval sets make it possible to really push yourself all the way through, despite it being difficult you can set it at your own level. I have really enjoyed every class I’ve been to and the music could almost convince you you’re at a party. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Anicka, Final Year Medicine
I heard about K Fit through one of my good friends at university and I am so glad I did! I love the fact that the class includes different components to give you a full body workout overall. The constant variation in exercises means each session is as challenging as the previous one. I really enjoy meeting associate members from outside the university and as everyone is so positive and motivating, I always leave the K Fit session feeling like I’ve got as much as I can out of my workout and cannot wait until the next session!

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