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FITE (Females in Intensive Training and Exercise)

Hi there ladies!

A very warm welcome to KCL FITE Club!
FITE stands for 'Females in Intensive Training and Exercise', a sports society which offers you fantastic sports classes in a comfortable female only environment. All sessions are taught by professional female instructors who will guide and develop your progress.

Joining our friendly community is the perfect opportunity to keep yourself in great shape and make a fab new group of friends along the way. Get your heart pumping with Muay Thai or your mind focussed with Yoga – or better yet, both!

So, if you’re looking to learn a fresh new sport as a beginner, or you want to hone your already amazing level of skill, come along and challenge yourself!

If you would like updated information please message our Facebook page to be added to our group chat!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, as your first stop to getting all the latest on our booking times, locations and for all things FITE Club (its way more regularly updated than this page). You can also get in touch with us via FB or our email – – if you have any questions at all. 

Standard membership will cover you for every class, so you can come to as many as you like.

Join us for weekly sessions of Yoga and Muay Thai at Guy's campus:


Muay Thai:
Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30pm AR2

Wednesday 2 - 3pm AR1

Friday 5 - 6pm AR1

Thursday 6 - 7pm AR1

Here's what a few of our girls think about our KCL FITE classes!

"Muay Thai was amazing! I hadn't joined a lot of societies but when I saw this opportunity I couldn't pass it up and I'm so glad I went for it! It's not only a super fun (and often intense) workout session, the atmosphere was energetic and the whole experience was made better by the group of people. Special shout out to our instructor Star who always pushed us and showed us our bodies are capable of more than we may initially think (and also occasionally stayed for a good post-workout chat). This class was something I looked forward to every week so it was easy to be consistent with it and see myself progressing and I can't wait to continue next year!"
- Jasmine
"I don't know where to begin with Muay Thai, I had done it before at other places but I wasn't consistent and when I started Muay Thai properly and consistently at KCL FITE I was hooked. Star has inspired me SOOO MUCH, she doesn't even know how much her personality, mindset and the way she taught us changed my life. It uplifted me so much mentally and physically, I've felt so empowered by seeing what my body can be capable of. Over the year we formed a sisterhood and we became a family, we'd laugh together, cry through the pain together, have conversations before, during and after about personal, social and political issues. Muay Thai sessions haven't just been workout sessions but it has been a form a therapy for me and I hope to carry it on for years and years and behind my university life. MAD LOVE TO MY FITE SISTERS AND SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO YOU STAR I LOVE YOU, stay shining and smiling."
- Sobiya


  • FITE (Females in Intensive Training and Exercise) Standard Membership£35.00
  • FITE (Females in Intensive Training and Exercise) Associate Membership (Non-students)£35.00
  • FITE Pay As You Go Membership£0.00
  • FITE (Females in Intensive Training and Exercise) One Term Only Membership£25.00