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Amateur Boxing


King's College London Amateur Boxing Club (KCL A.B.C) provides the perfect opportunity for students and staff alike to take part in boxing. The club caters for all abilities; from those who have never previously stepped in a boxing gym, to athletes who compete at the highest levels in university sport. KCL A.B.C emphasises ‘boxing for all’ and boxing as an ideal sport to build fitness, balance, co-ordination, and confidence.


The club's members are divided into two groups based on their level of boxing skill- the beginner team and the advanced/competition team. The sessions of the former mainly cover the fundamental aspects of boxing such as the basic stance, punching techniques, and movement as well as serving as challenging high intensity interval training, which is a perfect fit for those looking to improve their fitness. The advanced sessions are more focused on the intermediate combinations of punches and movement, which include pair work as well as sparring and competing.

If you feel like you are ready to join the advanced group, our coaches will evaluate your progress and technique and if they think you're ready to spar, you will need to get carded by England Boxing, which requires undergoing a medical examination before you obtain your boxing certificate. Once this is complete, you will become a member of the advanced team, and will be able to take part in bouts if our coach is satisfied with your performance.

Members from the beginner group are welcome to attend the advanced sessions, however they will not be allowed to do certain exercises, such as sparring, and will be offered an alternative option instead, i.e bagwork, shadow boxing.

We will have taster sessions for those who want to give boxing a try before buying the membership. We also welcome people throughout the year and offer one free session to those interested before having to buy the membership. 

We realise it is a lot of money to commit to paying upfront for a membership however please know that once you have this membership you can attend every session happening twice a week every week of the semester (both fall and spring). 


The club has spare skipping ropes, gloves and headguards, HOWEVER buying your own kit is advised for hygiene and to reduce reliance on our kit supply. Once you have purchased your membership, you MUST buy your own handwraps to use for every session. 


Due to the regulations on social distancing provided by both England Boxing and the UK Government, we will not be able to accomodate more than 16 people per each training session. Therefore the places will be allocated using the first come first serve method through the poll which will be posted on our Facebook page every Sunday. That will apply to the two advanced/beginner sessions as well as the technique sessions at Strand Campus on Saturdays. 

Although not forbidden, we do not encourage members of the beginners group to attend the advanced classes and vice versa in order to allow as many people to train in the most optimal conditions as possible, unless recommended by our coaches.



In addition to putting on Fight Nights to entertain the student body, KCL A.B.C holds club socials throughout the year. Socials are a great chance to meet fresh faces and make new friends. Click the link to the left to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more information.

The committee, coaches, and club welcomes you! 

For any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact the committee members here on Facebook or by email.


  • Amateur Boxing Student Membership£126.00
  • Amateur Boxing Associate Membership£176.00
  • Amateur Boxing Term Membership£67.00
  • England Boxing Membership£35.00
  • Amateur Boxing Associate Term Membership£79.00