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Fitness Feat

We believe that working out is more fun when you're not alone—feeling the same way? Why not join Fitness Feat, get active and form some new friendships along the way.

IMPORTANT: All sessions currently held online! DM us on Instagram for more details.

At Fitness Feat, we want to build a community where you enjoy working out together. Our trainers will help you in achieving your fitness goals. You will also receive support from your peers to help you on your fitness journey.

Working out has never been easier and cheaper than this! At Fitness Feat, we are working to giving you affordable fitness advice, because let's be real, being a student is expensive. With a KCLSU membership for Fitness Feat (just £12.99), you will get access to classes for the whole year. All sessions are held in the West Wing activity rooms at Guy's, so you don't even have to travel far. Just come and join us in the evening after a long day at the campus to relieve some stress. We will also be live-streaming all our sessions, in case you are stuck at home. 

Classes will be bodyweight only in Term 1 and will be following current social distancing rules. We will continue our last year favourites, including HIIT and Sports Circuit. New, we will pay more attention to the body splits (abs, upper/lower body) to structure our sessions.

*Are you a personal trainer or have been thinking about becoming one? PT's are always wanted! Message us directly for more information.* 

All fitness levels welcome! Send us any requests or questions, and we will get back to you.

PS: Have a look at our session timetable below. Why not give it a try? Your first session is always free! 

* We are currently offering 2 weekly sessions; we might change this according to demands and COVID-19 *



  • Fitness Feat Associate Membership (Non-students)£12.99
  • Fitness Feat Standard Membership£12.99