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Fitness Feat

"King's Largest & Hottest Fit-fam"

We are a community of Fitness inspired students, supporting each other towards our Healthier, Smarter, and Sexier bodies: Physically, Mentally, Nutritionally and Socially. #Fitfam #PMNS

Your journey to the best version of yourself starts here! On successful subscription to the KCLSU joining fee below and The KCL FF Hub Memberhip, you will be given access to all the services and complementary e-resources platform:

# Joiners pack | Membership pass

Physical: 3-5 weekly activity sessions (e.g. HIIT, The Fat-loss Bootcamp, The Toning-club, Sports-Circuit Training, Strength & Conditioning, Pads/Sparring, Yoga, Dance workouts, City running, Sport-specific drills and much more; All provided at different levels of activity and include Meditation).
# Train to make money | Find a training partner | Alternative home workouts | Fitness-tests | Measurement check-ins | Workout playlists

Mental and Nutritional: Seminars, events and coaching.
# Macros-Plan (Personalised) | Nutritious recipes | Nutrition tips | Nutrition FAQ’s | Help with your shopping, cooking, and meal-prepping
# Success motivation | Goal setting (Personalised) | Sleep better | Welfare support links | Meditation tools

Social: Exclusive events, epic socials and a community fit-fam network.
# Holistic blog | Blogging opportunities | Trendy fitness wear

The Fitness Feat Games: A culminating experience, ending with a fun packed sports event at the end of the year.
Amazing awards | Certificates | Prizes

Everyone is welcome! Do send us any requests or questions. We are here for you; We're here to make a difference!

*Note: The KCLSU membership fee below equates to the mandatory joining fee. Purchase the KCL FF subscription via the Fitness Feat website.*

Team KCL FF Hub

PS: Have a look at our sessions time table below. Why not give it a try? The first session is free! (Please note that Wednesdays and Fridays at Bush House are momentarily suspended. Check back later or contact us for more info!)


  • Fitness Feat Associate Membership (Non-students)£13.00
  • Fitness Feat Standard Membership£13.00