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Barbell Club

Barbell Club is King’s only sports club dedicated to the sport of Powerlifting. We offer coached sessions for people of all experience and fitness levels who want to learn the big three lifts: The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. This year, we also have the privilege of being offered top-notch venues for our training sessions.

Our Coaches and Club Programmes

Our advanced coach, Norman Cheung, is one of the UK’s top Powerlifting coaches, having trained multiple lifters to become British record holders as well being one of the Team GB coaches at the 2018 and 2019 world championships. Our novice coach, Mike Denzil, is a highly experienced athlete in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and American football. He has a strong belief in technique trumps raw strength, and anyone who is committed to learning the basics, will see themselves growing much faster as a strength athlete. 

Club programmes will be available for full members of the club, though it is not compulsory, and members are welcome to follow their own programmes. To enquire about the programmes, you can contact our President and Treasurer (see below).


Several local non-sanctioned and sanctioned competitions are available throughout the year to athletes whenever they decide they’re ready to step on the platform, with the aid of either coach.

In March is the official BUCS, IPF sanctioned university powerlifting competition, though due to a rule change in 2018, you must have a qualifying total in order to enter, this simply means totalling a certain weight at an IPF sanctioned competition prior to the march competition, please email our president or captain for more info.

Tasters, Training Sessions.

Official Taster sessions will be held on the 28thof September and the 5thof October at CrossFit Blackfriars at the normal times of 3pm-5:30pm.

Here is the Club timetable.





CrossFit Blackfriars 

British Barbell

Booking links will be posted on social media at the start of every week, in order for us to make sure we are prioritising those who have been committed to attending, and that they have got a club membership prior to attending

All new members are free to come along to one beginner session without a membership outside of the club’s taster sessions to get a feel for the club before purchasing a membership. Provided they have KCLSU sports insurance, purchased through the kclsu website.

*Membership grants access to all club resources. 

Membership and Club Benefits

Your membership gives you:

  • Access to private use of some of the best powerlifting gyms in London
  • Quality coaching
  • Subsidisation for competition entry fees*
  • Use of club powerlifting kit for competitions and training
  • Club discount to our sponsor, Strengthshop*
  • The opportunity to be part of an incredible team

*Subject to meeting club rules and expectations

Committee Members

We hope you’ll join us soon! Check out our Instagram, Facebook and website to learn more about the club.



  • Barbell Club Associate Membership (Non-students)£80.00
  • Barbell Club Standard Membership£80.00
  • Barbell Club Half Year Standard Membership£40.00