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Combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by students on a local and national level
KCLSU Networks are student communities who exist to connect us, highlight current issues and empower us to act collectively to bring about change and make a difference.
We’ve got Liberation Networks to provide community, empowerment and representation to groups often marginalised in society.
People of Colour Network

Who are we?

Hello! The POC Network represents all King's students who identify as people of colour. Our aim is to provide a platform and community for you to feel comfortable, included, and heard. We'll be hosting various events and campaigns to ensure your voice and identity is acknowledged here at King's!

People of Colour Network is a grassroots-led group that aims to create a safe space for people of colour on campus to discuss the numerous issues they face, alongside holding events and campaigning on issues that impact students from the global majority. 

People of Colour refers to all students who self-define as People of Colour, including to African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean students. The term People of Colour was created by PoC as a solidarity term to unite people who experience systemic racism, fascism and injustice. 

By being an active member of this network, you're not only raising your voice for what matters, but you're highlighting the beauty of diversity and the identities we've been oppressed for having for so long.Together we can cast a light on the inclusion and unity that's well needed in our uni and society!

Read Muhammad's manifesto here:

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