Bioscience Students' Association

Student representation for specific faculties, locations or levels of study.
Bioscience Students' Association

The Bioscience Students’ Association (BSA) is open for all students in the School of Bioscience Education and was established to provide formal representation to all Bioscience students. The BSA also looks after a cohort of societies related to the biosciences.

We organise a plethora of activities including academic seminars, career events and social gatherings, all of which afford incredible opportunities to network and meet new people. This year we are running a newly thought out peer support scheme which focuses highly on career aspirations and module choices. We also have a brand new student-led journal, it aims to highlight issues in the life sciences which cause conflicted opinions in society.

Beyond, the BSA acts as a liaison between the students and the faculty. We also represent the students at the School Education Committee. Be sure to contact us and make your voice heard! To inform us of any issues at campus, in your course, degree or to make a positive improvement in your student experience email us or contact us via facebook.


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