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King's Doctoral Students' Association


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The King's Doctoral Students' Association (KDSA) is the recognised representative body of the Postgraduate Research Student community. It is an autonomous body within the KCLSU representative structure and drives for the changes that doctoral students want to see. As a King’s doctoral student, you’re automatically part of KDSA.

Aim & Mission

KDSA is independent of King’s and works with the university to drive the changes doctoral students want.

  • Uphold, extend and defend the rights of doctoral/ postgraduate research students at King’s.
  • Establish a Peer Support Network for both academic and non-academic issues.
  • Promote student-led activity amongst new and existing PGR communities to build professional skills, share research ideas & network.

KDSA Board for 2021-22:

President/Chair – Dionysios Malas

Vice President/Chair – Mauro Bonavita  

Secretary and Treasurer – Davide Ferrari

Representative for Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy - Lina Kramer 

Representative for Faculty of Arts & Humanities – James Rowland

Representative for Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience - Juliette Giacobbe

Representative for Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care – Natalie Sanford

Representative for Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences- Sinuhé Perea

Representative for Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine - Mikel De Iturrate Reyzabal 

Social Media Coordinator - Sangeeta Bhagawati

Event Coordinator and Wellbeing Lead - Roger Carles Fontana

Diversity and Inclusion Lead I – Chiara Mignani

Diversity and Inclusion Lead II - Zeynep Sahin

Representative for PGR Part-time community- Katie White

GTA Representative: Julie Moonga


Vacant Committee Positions for 2021-22 Board:

  • Representative for King’s Business School
  • Representative for The Dickson Poon School of Law
  • Representative for Francis Crick Institute
  • Representative for Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences

Roughly, the duties entail:

  • Attending monthly KDSA meetings to discuss and approve motions proposed by yourselves/members
  • Coordinate with Departmental Reps as the need arises
  • Lead projects or events which would strength our research community
  • Meet Faculty Vice Deans/staff from Centre for Doctoral Studies
  • Attend quarterly PaRC or an equivalent meeting at Faculty level
  • Feedback to KDSA Chair/board members on the progress of your work/project on a monthly basis

If you're interested get in touch with [email protected]

KDSA Achievements to date: 

  • Reviewed Student supervisor policy and submitted policy change recommendations to PRSS. 

  • Created Environmental awareness (metal straws, reusable water bottles voucher) in KCL campuses. 

  • Organized and delivered Public-speaking and Wellbeing events. 

  • Circulated useful content for PGRs through our social media platforms. 

  • Organized Focus groups to improve Part-time PGR students' experience at KCL.  

  • Contributed to Linking PhDs with industry through co-organizing Promega events.  



The KDSA lead collective campaigning to bring change and improve the experience for their student community and beyond.

Some of the campaigns we have worked upon include:

  • Thesis Writing Space at King's
  • Lockers for PGR Students
  • FairPayForGTA


Supported Events

  • Women in Science: Debate on how to fight gender inequality where female academics talk about their careers, focusing on the challenges facing women in research and how they have overcome them.
  • Black in Academia: To raise awareness around people of colour and create a strong community of young black researchers at King's
  • PhD chat about Mental Health and Wellbeing over tea and biscuits

Social Impact 

  •  Raise awarness about the environment.
  • Make KCL more environment friendly for students. 

Future Goals: 

  • Contribute to solving GTA issues. 

  • Empower minority ethnic groups.  

  • Publish an ED&I handbook/policy and organize a series of events.  

  • Create an across-reps calendar. 

  • Co-ordinate with the CDS on the creation of a Part-time PGR student network. 


Useful Links

KDSA Agreement
Centre for Doctoral Studies

Upcoming Events: 

Public Speaking Practice for PGRs 

Tea-Time with KDSA



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