Accreditation Scheme

Go for Gold!

The new KCLSU Accreditation Scheme is here for all student activity groups, media groups and societies!

As one of our 300+ student groups and societies, you are at the heart of KCLSU and we want to celebrate your success and recognise your hard work. The KCLSU Accreditation Scheme is designed to reward you for your achievements throughout the year, help you recruit more members and grow your reputation. Every student group can get involved and strive to achieve gold, silver or bronze accreditation.

How does it work?

  • Every group will be automatically enrolled onto the scheme, reviewed monthly and awarded either gold, silver or bronze
  • You will need to complete the interactive scorecard on our website for us to be able to review your progress and award your group accordingly
  • We will get in touch with you to let you know if you have achieved an award

What are the benefits?

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Achieve digital badges (bronze, silver or gold) which will be displayed on KCLSU 'Joining a Group' page and social media assets to use on your social media, webpage or other promotional materials
  • Receive publicity across our social media, website and digital screens as 'Society of the month'
  • Priority features in Activities Update and KCLSU Student Life social media
  • Special offers at KCLSU Venues

CV and Career Recognition:

  • At the end of the year, you will receive a digital certificate which you can either print or add to your LinkedIn profile for employees to see
  • Upon request, you will receive more detailed and customised reference letters to show exactly what your group achieved during the academic year


Can we jump straight to Silver/ Gold?

Yes, but you must complete all of the bronze criteria before you can reach silver or gold, because these are the compulsory requirements to remain a ratified student activity group. It is a point-based system so once you achieve bronze, you can complete criteria from either silver or gold. You must achieve 60 points to be awarded bronze, 160 points to be awarded silver, and 300 points to be certified as a gold group.

When will we get our accreditation?

When you submit the criteria that you have completed via our interactive scorecard, we will review your progress on the first Monday of the month, and the results will be published in the Activities Update on the last Friday of the month. You will also get to chance to be awarded 'Society of the month' and have your society's picture displayed on our digital screens and our website.

For any other queries, please email

Suggested Inclusion Criteria

Made an effort to make your social media accessible by:

  • Using image descriptions
  • Using subtitles on your Instagram Stories
  • Capitalizing every word in hashtags (e.g. #KingsCollegeLondon instead of #kingscollegelondon
  • Shortening links using bitly
  • Not repeating the same emojis more than once and not using more than 3 at a time

Made an effort to make your poster and website designs accessible by:

  • Aligning text to the left, not using font lower than 12pt, not capitalizing full words or underlying long sentences
  • Not using text on images unless there is sufficient contrast, using supportive imagery to compliment long pieces of text and using text descriptions for images
  • Using a colour contrast of 70% or higher, avoiding using tints of the same colour in combinations and when colour coding also shape coding as well
  • Have ensured your website is accessible by using

Taken steps to make your events inclusive by:

  • Holding non-alcoholic socials
  • Holding a range of free events or subsidizing costs for your members
  • Using fully accessible venues
  • Using venues which have gender neutral toilets
  • Catering for your members' dietary requirements
  • Providing a system in place for your members to disclose their personal pronouns
  • Other

Find more ways to make your society inclusive on our Training Page.

Rewards will be available for achievements across the accreditation scheme, including digital badges for your kclsu web page, certifying your group as bronze, silver or gold.