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Cyber Security Society

At KCL Cybersecurity, we hope to provide a space for anyone interested in cybersecurity to explore it alongside likeminded people - whether you already have some experience, or are discovering the subject area for the very first time, everyone’s welcome!   

We offer opportunities for anyone to listen to talks and find out more about various cybersecurity topics, to attend workshops where you can learn technical skills such as how to avoid and spot common security flaws, to compete in CTFs together (competitions designed to present your cybersecurity skills to the world), and to share any other opportunities and resources that might be of interest, such as conferences and competitions in the wider cybersecurity community.

We've got a Discord server for members! Join it here:

We've also got a mailing list at - make sure to sign up so you get all the latest updates - we usually send out emails about society events coming up on here!


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.