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Film Society


  • Film Society Social/Screening Membership£5.00
  • Film Society Membership£20.00

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Hello! Welcome to our KCLSU Page, we are King's very own Film Society. Join us on our 4th year (since rebirth) for a year filled with filmmaking and film-watching based events and a chance to work on a film at the end of the year!

Our basic tier membership, the Film Screenings membership, gives you access to our weekly screenings, curated in genre by our Film Screenings team and chosen by YOU! Our Film screenings run every Thursday. This membership tier also grants you entrance to our social gatherings and cinema trips. All this for £5 for King's Students, and £10 for non-King's students/associates.

Our higher tier membership, the Filmmaking membership, gives you access to everything stated above, as well as the many different filmmaking workshops/programs we run. We host workshops/interview sessions with industry professionals: Elliot Grove Founder of Raindance Film Festival, Harry MacQueen director/writer of Supernova, Peter Hoar and David Katznelson of It's a Sin and Suzanne Mackie of The Crown to name but a few. Our Filmmaking events run every Monday. Some of the Monday workshops will also be focused on teaching you more about different crew roles in film and/or give you the opportunity to join in filmmaking challenges where you will create short iPhone videos or even music videos!

We also run a Film Production program that gives members the opportunity to make a short film/experimental film/documentary from Pre-production to Post! This membership also grants you access to our equipment, and the necessary insurance required to use it. Gain access to all of this for £20 for King's Students, and £25 for non-King's students/associates.

This year we would like to emphasise our love for all forms of film from scripted shorts to music videos to documentaries to film poems and will be here to support and guide you in all your filmmaking endeavours.

Whichever membership option you choose, we can't wait for you to join us! Film is a medium that needs a society of film lovers for it to be truly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or drop us an Instagram message!

Make sure to come to our Open Media Suite Day on Tuesday 20th September 2022 from 2pm onwards and our Launch Event on 21st September at the Welcome Fresher's Fair! We will post updates on our social media and the welcome app so keep an eye out for those! :)


  • On the 25th September at 6pm (Monday) we will be hosting a free Filmmaking Taster session so you can see what we have in store!
  • On the 28th September at 6pm (Thursday) we will be hosting a free Film Screenings Taster session!
  • ... and on the 29th September we will have a social (location and time to be announced on Instagram). 

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