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GKT Music Society

We are home to KCL’s only non – auditioning orchestra and choir, welcoming everyone regardless of course, campus or ability! In 2020, we are introducing KCL’s first Mixed A Cappella Group

Please note: You can only buy 1 type of membership during the year - so please consider this when choosing between single term/full year membership. If you're part of a large ensemble (orchestra, choir) and another membership type (a cappella, piano) - please purchase the large ensemble membership, then email us to inform us you're also a member of another group ( a cappella, piano). See below for more info about buying membership. 

Membership Update: If you would like to join orchestra/ choir in Term 2, please purchase the 'Term 1 Membership' instead of 'Term 2 Membership' as we are holding online rehearsals instead of in person, hence the price of membership is lower. 

Our Ensembles

The orchestra (usually) rehearses every Monday, 7:30 – 9pm in AR4, West Wing, Guy’s Campus (next to London Bridge Station).
We try to accommodate all levels so do not feel intimidated if you are only a beginner or haven’t picked up your instrument in a while. We’ve played a wide range of pieces, from Elgar’s Nimrod to Pirates of the Caribbean, and rehearsals are always relaxed and friendly!


The choir rehearses every Monday, 6-7:30pm in Guy’s Chapel, Guy’s Campus.
Previous pieces they’ve sung have been the enchanting ‘Stars’ by Eriks Ešenvalds and Rutter’s ‘What Sweeter Music’, as well as supporting everyone in the carols at our Christmas Concert! 

Click here if you have any suggestions for pieces you’d like the orchestra/choir to play/sing!

A Cappella 

The A Cappella group is new to the 20/21 year, and will be the first official Mixed A Cappella group at King’s! This is the only auditioning ensemble of GKTMS due to the precise nature of harmonies and voice blending needed in A Cappella. Whether you can sight – read sheet music or follow a tune by ear, we encourage everyone who loves to sing to audition! N/B Please only purchase the (free) A Cappella Membership after successful audition. 

Student - Led Small Ensembles 

We want to support students in forming their own ensembles. Whether it’s a string quartet, jazz trio or rock band, we will be offering these ensembles opportunities to perform in our Open Mics and Musician Platforms as well as your ensemble being eligible to financial support. 
We also know how difficult it can be to find a place to practice at King’s, so we will try to give you advice on this. 
Click here if you want to create an ensemble and/or are looking for other people to take part !

Piano Membership *

This gives pianists secure access to a piano at Guy’s campus where you can schedule in practice times every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. After purchasing the piano membership on our page, please email us so we can forward you the rehearsal schedule.
* Not available 20/21 due to COVID-19 Restrictions. 

Performance Opportunities 

We offer plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year: large concerts for our orchestra and choir including our big annual Christmas Concert; Open Mic Nights for singers and bands; and Musician Platforms for soloists and small ensembles. 


A big part of GKTMS are our inclusive socials! We hold all kinds of events from Pub Quizzes and Movie Pizza Nights to attending free concerts at Southbank Centre.

Membership Explained

You can purchase membership for a single term (1: September – December, or 2: January – May) or for a whole year.

Single Ensemble = Orchestra OR Choir 
Multiple Ensemble = Orchestra AND Choir
A Cappella = Free - to be purchased after successful auditions  
= Free - if you're not in the orchestra/choir/a cappella but want to perform at our Open Mics, Musicians Platforms or just attend our socials! 
Associate = If you're KCL Alumni or University of London student. 

If you want to play music in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, attend our concerts or come to our socials, become a member of GKT Music Society today! 

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  • GKT Music Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£25.00
  • GKT Music Society Single Ensemble Term 1 Only Membership£5.00
  • GKT Music Society Single Ensemble Full Year Membership£20.00
  • GKT Music Society Multiple Ensemble Term 1 Only Membership£5.00
  • GKT Music Society Multiple Ensemble Full Year Membership£25.00
  • GKT Music Society Pianist Membership£5.00
  • GKT Music Single Ensemble Term 2 Only Membership£15.00
  • GKT Music Multiple Ensemble Term 2 Only Membership£20.00
  • GKT Music Society Acapella Membership£0.00
  • GKT Music Society Performance£0.00