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Boardgames and Tabletop RPG Society


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

KCL Board Games and Tabletop Society is the place to find all the board game, RPG, TCG, and Wargaming at KCL!


We run weekly Board Game afternoons hosted every Saturday afternoon in the SU at Bush House. Meet people to play a game from the Society's collections, people's personal collections, or anything you want to bring! During these afternoons we also encourage people to play trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, Pokémon, etc. We also run weekly wargaming and miniature painting sessions.


The Society also currently offers support for Tabletop RPGs through our discord server. We have a group building server, offer free rulebook pdfs for most rpgs upon request, and have experienced GMs/players who are happy to offer advice and support. We will offer a One Shot RPG Events twice every semester organized by the society to help connect GMs and players in various RPG systems.


We now also offer a dice making workshop where you can make your own sets of dice from scratch!


Weekly sessions will be free to attend so that you can try everything before buying the membership.


More information, contact info, and announcements can be found at the society Discord server. We also have major announcements on our Facebook page.


President – James Sabin

Vice President – Noah Rotteveel

Treasurer – Felan Ragana

Head of Boardgaming – Noah Rotteveel

Head of RPG – TBD

Head of Trading Card Games – Elizabeth Camfield

Head of Wargaming – Sasha Veshchugin

Head of Dice – James Sabin & Felan Ragana

Social Secretary – Martha Hornett & Carmen Robinson

Diversity Officer – Carmen Robinson

Welfare Officer – Martha Hornett

Minister of Ministries & Agriculture – Thanos Xynogalas

Minister of Public Relations & Subterranean Internment – Matthew Nixon-Welsby

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