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Boardgames and Tabletop RPG Society


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

If you’ve ever looked at a board game, or heard of Dungeons and Dragons and thought: “Eh, it could probably be interesting I guess…” Then you’re in luck! The KCL Boardgames and Tabletop Society is the place to be if you ever get the urge to play a board game, roleplaying game, trading card game or war game. 


We meet every Saturday at Bush House to play all the wonderful games in the society’s collection (as well as our own), so there will always be a table open for you to join the fun!


Also, every Wednesday, we have more low-key sessions where people can relax, paint miniatures and play games without paying attention to them. Afterwards, we go to a pub where we can all chat without a board game between us.


Throughout the year, we host a strange assortment of events for everyone to take part in. We’ve done a murder mystery, pub quizzes and movie nights. The mainstays, however, are RPG one-shot sessions where many fantastic Game Masters run a broad selection of games (not just D&D!) and dice-making workshops where you can make your very own resin dice!


On our discord server, we’re also happy to help you find groups to play RPGs with and we offer a huge collection of digital rulebooks and resources for you to use.


The real kicker? Membership is 100% free! So you can come in and play boardgames whenever you want with no charge. Although, of course, we’d very much appreciate the support to help us run bigger, better events and buy new games for everyone.


TLDR:Every single Wed - Chill Meetups and Pub Nights

Every single Sat - Full-Blown Board Game Action

RPG oneshot events and dicemaking workshops throughout the year.

You don’t have to pay a cent unless you want to attend the events.


If you want to stay as in the loop as possible, we highly recommend our discord server:

However, we also will post updates on our Instagram:

…And Facebook


President – James Sabin

Vice President – Felan Ragana

Treasurer – Carmen Robinson

Head of Boardgaming – Felan Ragana

Head of RPGs – Eris da Roza

Head of Trading Card Games – Elizabeth Camfield

Head of Wargaming – Sanjaya Iwan Hermawan

Head of Dice – James Sabin & Felan Ragana

Social Secretary – Martha Hornett

Welfare Officer – Sadie Mansfield

Minister of Ministries & Agriculture – Thanos Xynogalas

Minister of Public Relations & Subterranean Internment – Matthew Nixon-Welsby


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