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Chemistry Society


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Originally, the Chemistry Society at King’s College London was founded to remind chemists that there was a world outside the lab. Now, we aim to inspire confidence, innovation and independence within our students. Using our new transformative approach, this year, we hope to challenge the minds of our students by exploring various branches of the field, hearing from renowned academics, and developing skills to aid in career progression. 

In the upcoming year, KCL Chemistry Society is excited to launch our first ‘Chimera Challenge’; a nationwide Chemistry competition amongst teams of university students. The competition aims to expose students to a real independent research project, allowing them to develop literature searching, teamwork, presentation and networking skills, giving a head-start into their future careers. 

Alongside this, we are keen for our students to consider their options post-graduation, and have planned a detailed ‘Careers Workshop Series’, teaching key skills and concepts from professionals in a variety of fields, ranging from research to finance. We also noted the importance of coding in our ever-evolving society, and have compiled a ‘Coding Workshop Series’ to run in parallel. Complementing this, we are currently closing deals with sponsors, and are working hard to organise a large-scale careers fair within the next year, allowing our students to network and gain exposure to the working life. 

Aside from academic events, KCL Chemistry Society is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within the society, and have planned a number of events to welcome each and every member to the society. Starting with our ‘Buddy Scheme’, aimed at welcoming new students into the Chemistry department at King’s, we look forward to meeting all new and returning members of our society in the new academic year. 


If you would like to get involved with any of our activities, please email: [email protected]



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