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Tamil Society

King’s College Tamil Society has grown significantly since being established in 2009. It is predominantly a cultural society, and therefore events may involve food and music which is unique to the culture which can be embraced by both those who hold a Tamil background as well as those who wish to gain the experience.

KCL Tamil Society host a variety of events throughout the academic year including Games Nights and Karaoke Night. One of our main events is Kings of Gaana. By hosting these events we aim to not only bring together Tamil and non-Tamil students within the KCL Community, but also help raise money for various charitable causes. KCL Tamil Society tries to help improve the university expereice for new students as well as existing students through educational schemes like 'Ammas and Appas', a buddy based metoring scheme.

KCL Tamil Society is a proud supporter of the KCL ‘It Stop’s Here’ Campaign which aims to stop sexual harassment within the university environment to make it a safe space for everyone. 

KCL Tamil Society has a zero tolerance policy on all forms of discrimination. This includes a zero tolerance on homophobia and transphobia. As a society, we hope to create an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality and ethnicity, feels welcome.


  • Tamil Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Tamil Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£5.00