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Islamic Society


  • Islamic Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Islamic Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£5.00

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  • £1.00 Donation£1.00
  • £5.00 Donation£5.00
  • ISOC Sport Insurance Upgrade£0.00

There are Muslim prayer rooms for both brothers and sisters available at all campuses. Islamic Society organises prayers and the Friday Jumu’ah Salah, so please feel free to visit.

Our main events through the year include:

Fresher’s Dinner, Charity Week fundraising, Discover Islam Week , Annual Dinner and Leavers Dinner.

Throughout the year we also organise various lectures, seminars, classes, socials, regular sporting activities, and other projects.

The Islamic Society aims to provide a means for Muslims to combine their knowledge, skills and efforts for the benefit of one another and to educate students and lecturers alike of the teachings and principles of mainstream Islam.

KCL ISOC aims to:

1) Increase awareness & understanding of Islam.

2) Encourage unity amongst Muslims.

3) Follow the Quran and Sunnah

4) Create a platform for members to share their skills and benefit the wider university community

Apart from regular lectures, seminars and classes, KCL Isoc is known for its unique brand of fundraising projects, socials and dinner events, peer lead help with studies and career aspirations, amongst many others. In 2011/12, KCl Isoc won the ‘KCLSU Fundraising Group of the Year’ and FOSIS London’s ‘Outstanding Isoc of the Year’ awards. We also were the ‘Charity Week Champions’, coming first in a national competition between Islamic Societies raising money for orphans around the world. Insha’Allah (God willing), we enter this new year still aiming high and wishing to launch many new initiatives. Please visit our Instagram page to stay updated, and feel free to contact us if you want to get involved. We’ll always have something for you to do!

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